Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Farewell Gift from Dear Friends

When I left Brisbane, Queensland over 3 years ago, dear quilting friends, Kindred Spirits, gave me a Bunning's voucher. Upon arriving in Western Australia, and moving into our new home, I cashed the voucher in and bought a beautiful indoor fig tree.

This beautiful indoor, live plant greets me daily when I come into the TV room with my cup of coffee, to my computer. What a wonderful way to start a day!

Sadly, one of us, Jane passed away a little while ago - too, early, but at least I have a living memory of her. Please, treasure dear friends and let them know how much you care. What wonderful friendships we develop through our quilting journeys.

Best wishes!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the photos of the two quilts you made with Dancing Dollies in the border. What a wonderful idea for a quilt. I plan on putting dollies in the border of a quilt I am making for my granddaughter. Thanks for sharing a wonderful idea from the past.
Cindy in Seattle