Saturday, May 17, 2008

Relaxing Tonight!

Judging for our Quilt Exhibition is taking place at the moment and I managed to get away from the venue earlier than expected today.

Consequently, chores have been done, dinner is cooking and I'm going to have a relaxing evening working on my Hexagon Quilt. Some of the preparation has been done (above), so it will be nice to work at a relaxed pace, especially now Step 4 to OC has been done and my exhibition quilts entered. I was still stitching on labels and hanging sleeve until 10 last night.


1 Lovely People said ...:

Candace said...

I was just reading your profile, and reading in this post some of the things you have caught up, and things you are working on, and I can only think that since you are a "pleasure seeker", you must love to do what a lot of people would feel is work. It is nice when what gives you pleasure can give pleasure to so many others, not to mention warmth and comfort.