Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Step 4 Blueberry Crush - Assembly Line

I am busily sewing away and need a little break!
Will be lovely if I can finish these blocks today.
While sewing, I have made chilli sauce (chillis from my garden) and Joe's semi-dried tomatoes are cooking in the oven (see jo-da-chef on sidebar). Must get back to sewing - best wishes!

3 Lovely People said ...:

Candace said...

You put me to shame. I guess I have been helping to pave that bad road with my good intentions. I had 3 for today, and instead have been glued to my computer. I did get step 2 almost finished yesterday though, and then had a little machine problem and have been taking a break ever since.

SueR said...

You're going right along on your blocks and they look so nice! You have a lovely family too.

Lucy said...

great fabric choice!