Friday, March 13, 2009

Lots to Talk About!

Okay - I'm going to have a little chat now and not go near my computer all weekend! Don't you believe me? Silly if you do - but really, I am not going to Post - maybe just Browse, Comment and Reply!

Below - my dolly quilt for my partner in Doll Quilt Swap 6! Very simple - I'm going to let the cute fabrics do the talking, quilt with Perle thread and maybe a little red striped binding! I hope she likes it! Also, below, another WIP - would like to get a little birdie finished over the weekend to send to my Easter Swap partner! Just had to rush in and buy a Size 7 crochet hook when I read the instructions - looking at the picture I thought the birdies were wearing frilly skirts - no, this is a little crocheted nest - looks so cute to me! Hope to finish and post the parcel on Monday!

Kathie's pattern has arrived, so this will come with me to the post office on Monday, too! Now, I have publicly made two commitments to keep me on track! I have also found another wonderful piece of Nancy Kirk Civil War II 1855-1870, to include in Kathie's parcel. This parcel is not meant to be a surprise for Kathie - just Promises, Promises, I haven't kept!

For all of you who love our history of quilting - this is one not to be missed! I was looking forward to having a peep at it and was lucky enough to see Karen's yesterday - didn't take my camera, but I will next Thursday and take some pics of the stunning quilts inside! The cover tells you about the contents and if you Google Annette's book, you will get details. It sells at AU$120 - I knew it was going to be expensive, but if that's your style, worth every penny of it - it is a really big book. Great reproduction quilts by our wonderful Kim McLean, and the patterns are included - value for money and a real treasure!
I think, last, but not least, I have joined Jane's Rainbow Quilt Swap (see the new button on my sidebar) - I'm really excited to be in a USA swap, so thank you Jane for the privilege! Red's my colour, so I'll be searching for a nice 12" block design to do! Oh, and also nice fabric!
Oh, a couple of more things - I have hexagons to post off to Robyn on Monday, too (see Hexagons of Hope on my sidebar) and maybe I will do a little machine quilting on another Comfort Quilt, too, over the weekend!
I've got really good intentions - hope I can achieve a couple at least - enjoy your weekend, too!

20 Lovely People said ...:

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh my you do have a lot on your plate, I just love the doll quilt, such cute fabrics, and I am so gald you are in my swap, i hope some of your friends join too! have a wonderful weekend full of wonderful sewing!

meggie said...

What a lovely friend you are! I often read about you on Julia's blog. I try to pop over to visit you, too. Lately I have been falling further & further behind with my blog reading!

Julia said...

Your swap partner will love the doll quilt..
Cute little birdies, is that a fabric crochet nest!
Kathie will enjoy that pattern, very much a Kathie quilt..
The book looks interesting, would love to see inside it..
Hugs Julia ♥

antique quilter said...

Love that little quilt, I agree the fabrics are perfect , let them sing!
OH I am so excited to be getting a package from you!
I am still waiting for them to work out the details in getting that book here in the US.
I may just go for it and pay the $40 to she said ti would cost to ship it~!
is it that heavy????

Janet said...

What a lovely newsy post. The doll quilt really says dolly to me. Love that bird pattern, Melly and Me have some great ones.

Betsy said...

Lurline I love everything on your blog today as usual lots od beauties.
Have a fabulous weekend.

Anonymous said...

The doll quilt is precious. I see Bambi! You are so very talented and it is a pleasure to visit. Have a great weekend.

Shari said...

Love the simplicity of the dolly quilt, very charming. The birds look interesting too. Would love to have the book - will see what the price is at the show (maybe Kevin can buy it for me LOL)


Abby and Stephanie said...

You're a busy one Lurline! So many terrific swaps going on. I'll just bet that book is amazing. Here's hoping for lost of accomplishments this weekend.

Kaaren said...

Love the doll quilt! Look like you're going to be a very busy gal this weekend. I joined Jane's swap as well and I'm excited because I get to go shopping for more fabric. Woo hoo!

Have a super and productive weekend!

Browndirtcottage said...

Cute Stuff!!...Now go get busy!!!

Rumi said...

Cute little doll quilt! What dolly wouldn't want this beauty!

Jeanne said...

Good luck with that computer idea. :) Love the doll quilt. The book has my mouth watering from just seeing the cover. Have a productive week-end.

Julie said...

hi lurline,
just wanted to say i saw a pic on julia's blog of you wearing your new duds. very pretty and NO, they are not jimjams...LOL
loving all your creations too. have a lovely weekend and hope you get some stitching in!
big hugs,
julie :)

Nat Palaskas said...

Your swap partners are so lucky to have you to swap with. You send out very nice stuff. Enjoy your wkd - Natima

Lindi said...

Nice doll quilt.

I have just given you an a ward. pop over to claim it if you would like it!

Micki said...

I looked up The Fabric of Society book and it really is very expensive, but it also looked so interesting.It must be a wonderful book!

Unknown said...

Hope you have a great weekend .
clares craftroom

Lady of the Cloth said...

You are one busy lady, you put me to shame! You have so many pretty projects going, such inspiration! I need to get off the computer and get to work. Carline

RG said...

woohoo...thanks gorgeous lady... I'll keep an eye out for the hexies :D
Love everything you're doing...I'm going back to 'read' now...
Robyn xx