Thursday, July 30, 2009

9-Patches Finished!

Oh, what a chilly morning - lovely bright sunshine, though, so it will be a nice day! Hi Christine, hope you like these little zingers - no drab colours for me in reproduction fabrics! Yesterday I finished my 9-Patches for the Swap - all 72 of them.

My serviced Pfaff is running like a Ferrari, so I took off! It is amazing what incentive it is to get things done when a new pattern, The Civil War Bride, is on its way! Next I'm going to start on the Signature Block Swap - should be fun!

Another great piece of fabric I picked up in Melbourne at Kelani Fabrics - an exclusive, screen-print made in Australia - at this stage I am not sure what I will do with it, I just love it!

A nice, short Post today - my Inbox is full and I have a lot of browsing and commenting to do! Sometimes I find it hard to believe all the beautiful pics showing everyone's work - finished and in progress!

Happy day!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Creme De La Creme!

No - I didn't buy the pattern in Melbourne! But I did put in an order over the phone today. This gorgeous antique reproduction quilt is Civil War Bride Quilt by Corliss Searcey. Now, Kathie from Inspired by Antique Quilts had told me to check it out before I left for Melbourne, then Girlfriend! bought the pattern in Melbourne and now Lizzie, of A House in the Country from Blogland, who I met in Melbourne, keeps talking about it - so, I just have to make it. I was besotted when I saw the quilt - I love applique and vowed I would never take on a big project again - well, this one will be my last, I have promised myself!

I'm fairly sure I won't have to buy any applique fabric and maybe I have something suitable for the background, too - we'll see, when the pattern arrives!

More gorgeous fabrics from Melbourne - lower left and middle back, antique repros - A Magoo pattern by Melly & me, spots for his body and floral for his pants - then just a few lovelies in the middle!

My sewing machine arrived from the serviceman today, so I'll be stitching away very soon!

Happy day!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Melbourne Was Great!

What a wonderful time we had in just a couple of days! Lots of show and Tell, but too much for one Post.

Above - Best of Show, Star Crazy by Linda Steele.

Runner Up to Best of Show - 19th Century Medallion by Carolyn Konig!

It was just lovely meeting up with Blogland Friends from Melbourne - l to r - Rita of Red Pepper Quilts, Rita's sister, Karen, Miriam of Yellow Roses, Cathy of Cabbage Quilts, Kate of One Flew Over, Bronwyn of Whippet Good, Andi of Patch Andi. Of course, you can all see this Little Black Duck middle left! We also caught up with Lizzie from A House in the Country!
This was a wonderful opportunity to meet up over a quick coffee and a little chat - thank you girls for inviting me to join you!
This was my favourite quilt - I have always loved Princess Feathers! This pic I haven't edited, so you are not seeing it at it's best - just gorgeous!

Hhmmm - this is my shopping bag - very, very heavy! We flew budget and were restricted in weight, so I carried this on as hand luggage! It is chockablock full of fabrics! The bag - $7 at Victoria Street Markets - the zipper was very strained so it may not see many more shopping trips!

Just a few fabrics to show today - these are gorgeous little whimsies that I so love! I have lots more to show you in time to come as we made a special trip to GJ's Discount Fabrics on Friday - a quilters' heaven with a 25% discount sale!

What a wonderful trip with gorgeous travelling companions - and yes, we did burn the candle at
both ends - I would do it again in a hearbeat!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ta-dah! Finished!

Green Tea and Sweet Beans, so far - that's blocks for 2 months! Looks like it will be a bright, happy quilt.

Top right - Pink Penguin's Reversible Bag ! I must say that on the particular day I made it, the instructions just didn't work for me and I'm happy to admit it would have been 'me' - so I fudged a little and it has turned out a really cute little bag!

Yes, its finished! All pics of 'My Studio' - I promise this will be the last! Now it is all so functional and practical - fabrics organized - it has been a long drawn out procedure - I love it now and intend spending lots of time there, such a light, bright, fresh room!

Uh, oh - yes, I have been naughty again and signed up for another BOM! It's from Material Obsession by Sue Ross and called Tradition with a Twist, I think! Check out my Sidebar if you are interested - Ive chosen Pretty/Contemporary.
I'm off to Melbourne to the Quilt and Craft Fair tomorrow evening - Melbourne is the opposite side of the country to Perth! A few days break will be lovely and I'm so looking forward to seeing what's happening on the east coast and seeing the display of over 300 quilts!
Until I return (with all my goodies) - stay safe!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hugs & Kisses for SweetP !

I've opened my Christmas in July pressies - thank you so much, Paula of Coffeetime Stitches!

I've been thoroughly spoiled, haven't I ? A gorgeous stocking, I have never had one before, a Clover white marker and little rolls of cord and ribbons!

Also, a gorgeous table runner, 30's fabrics and needle cases! I just love the card made from and A4 paper and wrapping paper! I can't wait for Christmas now to use my goodies!

Whew! Back to Green Tea and Sweet Beans BOM - very challenging! When one tries to find ways to make things easier, is that called cheating?

I have discovered I am very good at it - foundation-pieced, except for a little bit of applique to incorporate the yellow strips - the block does measure 6 1/2" square as it should! Oh, I do hope I can get through the rest of the quilt using these sort of shortcuts - not enough time to hand piece it all. Am loving making this quilt - click on my Sidebar, just to the left, if you are interested!

This was our place last night - son-in-law working and several Supervisors!

Tried and tested today, my new sewing bench - it is just perfect and cost about $150 all up, from Bunnings! Still extension leads to be connected safely and quilts to be hung - My Studio is coming along very nicely!
As you may have gathered - I am having the time of my life this weekend - Pea and Bacon Soup in the Slow Cooker and Dancing with the Stars on tele tonight - it doesn't get much better than this on a wet, cold winter's day! Hope you all enjoying yourselves, too!

Friday, July 17, 2009

A Beautiful Signature Quilt!

I have ordered this book - I just love the Signature Quilt - the nicest I have ever seen, I think! There is a Signature Swap being organized in the USA - this book has been shown and I have to make this quilt! How I will go about names? - I don't know! It will be fun working it out, but I know a lot of my Blogland friends will figure on it!

My Christmas in July gifts arrived a little while back - I opened the box yesterday, but still haven't opened the pressies - must check with Stephanie when we should! Maybe 25 July?

Have had big problems with my emails this morning so have stacks to forward - 2 hours on the phone to Bigpond, grrrrhhh! Hope things are right now - not happy! But, at least I have organized my cutting table top for the bench in 'My Studio' - so if son-in-law has time this afternoon may have that completely assembled!
We have a new Blogger, Marls from Cats and Capers - she sounds lovely and comes from beautiful Brisbane - if the fancy takes you, please pop over and give her a Blogland welcome!
My blog is going to have a revamp - it's sort of happening slowly - must get some pics away to one of Blogland's Angels! I had better not disclose her identity until I check if she wants it to be revealed. I'm getting used to the fresher look already - not so vintage, but then I am having such fun playing with the modern fabrics, too, these days!
Happy Weekend!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Green Tea and Sweet Beans - July!

A little sewing has been done, thank goodness - very therapeutic! Here's the first blocks of the above mentioned BOM - see my Sidebar, also! Now this is supposed to be done by hand - I cheated and foundation-pieced and achieved these sweet blocks, Lozenges, in a very short time!

Those below, Garden Paths - am not feeling such a smarty about them - maybe some foundation-piecing and some hand - hope I get a chance to try today!

Below again - my blocks for June, for Christine's 9-Patch Swap! Christine felt the blocks needed a few zingers - these are done in Cheddar, but I can't achieve the right colour in a pic, sorry, they are Cheddar and bright!

Man at work - yes, yes, 'My Studio' is coming along nicely - carpets shampooed and a new cutting table being assembled by dear son, David - he's not too happy about my taking this pic! Quite a bit more work will happen in the next few days!

And for those who are interested in Saskia, the little? Ragdoll cat - here she is with Byron - how could you not love them!

I've done another silly thing - have joined up on Facebook! Have friends popping up everywhere - oh, I really don't think this is for me - would love to join in, but time is the factor in all this cyber-socializing, I guess one could call it!
Off to do some daily chores, then hopefully a little more sewing! I'm late with Replies - again!!! I have had over 100, 000 visits since I started blogging, which was about April last year, I think, and what a wonderful journey it has been, thanks to everyone!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Moving On ... The Tote I Made!

This is another buzz for me - though not my design, I did make this great tote! The pattern is in the latest Down Under Quilts magazine! Also, a few cute fabrics I picked up at the Market Table at our South of the River day out!

Two new Australian magazines hit the shelves today - some nice reading tonight! And a little gift from dear Gwen - a new pincushion I have loaded up with various types of pins and needles and even needle threaders!

Every day is a happy day with my beautiful baby twin grandchildren! I have to say that as I have twin 13 year old grandchildren, too - a boy and a girl - and I have boy and girl twins, too!
They are all beautiful!
Here's Heidi and Byron - I asked them what the bare pincushion was and they said 'a pillow' - I laughed and said 'no, it's a pincushion' - immediately Byron said 'can I have the mouse to put on my shelf at home' - they have always played with the little red mouse, rearranging the pins! So the little red mouse has gone to a new home!

A blank wall in 'My Studio' - this is what I have been working towards - so carpets will be shampooed on Wednesday and I have thoughts about what will fill the space - off to Ikea as soon as I can organize myself! I'd like a free-standing kitchen island bench - would make a great cutting table and so close to my machine - will the budget cope? - we'll see!
The Stitchers' Angel Swap 2009 is under way - click button on my Sidebar - last year's swap was great fun, thanks, Helen!
My heart is a little lighter - hope you all are having a happy week!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

South of the River!

Thanks for your kind thoughts at these troubled times, never mind! A lot of beauty and fun here! Meet Jundi, a baby kangaroo rescued out at the goldfields of Western Australia!

Here's proud Glenda, a Wildlife Carer!

Another of her babies, Lorraine! Isn't she just the most wonderful girl looking after these rescued creatures - hats off to you, Glenda!
They came along to our WAQA Sewing Day - South of the River - the Swan river runs through the beautiful city of Perth. Our regular guild day is held north of the river once a month, so this is a nice little treat to happen , maybe half-yearly as we live south of the river!
Lots of Show and Tell - a really, really striking quilt of Robyn's in a Drunkard's Path design using Aboriginal type fabrics. Not Robyn's usual style at all - prompted by her husband when they visited the Northern Territory!

I can honestly say I have never used these fabrics, and really admire those who can co-ordinate them so beautifully and turn them into objects of art!

Below, dear friend Gwen's quilt - Gwen is a well-known physiotherapist and she has mad this quilt for her long-time receptionist who turns 70 this week! A Split 9-Patch in gloriously rich flannelettes - isn't she just going to love it?
Our Girlfriends! Group made lots of quilts from blocks made by WAQA members last year - for October, Breast Cancer Month here! Dear friend, Louise has just finished quilting this one below. It is beautifully quilted and quite a stunner!

I can't resist showing you another great beauty - married 30 years, dear Girlfriend! has become the new owner of a beautiful 2 carat diamond solitaire. It is a gorgeous Argyle diamond - the Argyle Mine is one of the world's largest diamond suppliers and situated in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia. Oh, isn't love grand - and it couldn't happen to a nicer person!

A very long Post for those who have stayed with it - hope you have enjoyed the Australiana, learning about our wonderful country and enjoyed the eye candy! Happy weekend!
PS - oh, I meant to tell you in my last Post - if you would lik to learn the finer tips about needle-turned applique, pop over and visit Janet, at Quiltsalott - a true master of this technique!

Friday, July 10, 2009

A Kid in a Lolly Shop!

Yes, yes - that's me! I am having a very sad and stressful time with 'family matters' at the moment - what better way to cure the blues! I took Heidi and Byron toy and lolly shopping 3:30 yesterday afternoon - a nice school holiday outing to spoil my beautiful twin grandchildren!

Toys for the little ones at Target then into Ye Olde Lolly Shoppe - a new addition to our shopping centre! Now, this little guy above and below looked at me and said 'Lurline, take me home!'. A fascinating wooden toy that brings back memories of long ago. Pull the string and look what he can do! Maybe Mildred can tell us how long ago these lovely toys were in vogue? It is worth popping in to visit her at Nalley Valley today - funny, funny story!

And then honeycomb - another oldie but yummie!

I should be sewing commitments today - instead I am sewing Ayumi's little reversible bag, because I can! It is going to be so cute - another blues beater! Check it out at Pink Penguin!
Uh, oh - there's the rain again - how lovely to get back to the sewing machine!