Sunday, June 26, 2011

Japanese Flowers!

Today has been a lovely, quiet day - nothing unexpected has arisen, I must keep my fingers crossed! I have had a nice little play and have satisfied myself with yarn, tension, etc to start on a Japanese Flowers Scarf - now, seems like everyone in Blogland has given this a try!

The original came from this book and I have gleaned hints and tips from all and sundry - Julia, Attic 24, Elizabeth Kat, Danielle and Calico & Ivy. The yarn I have chosen is 65% baby alpaca and 35% mulberry silk - I am so thingy! about what I wear against my skin - it has to be soft and beautiful - Andes by Debbie Bliss is just that!

Whoohoo! Look at that - as you can see, I have used a 3.0mm hook, it's a Clover and I just love them! I was originally going to stick to just the four featured colours, but now have decided to lash out - I'll be phoning Calico & Ivy tomorrow morning! I'm very happy with the way the flower is sitting - without blocking and using the smaller hook than recommended.

Oh, I don't know if I can do this - Christine's Dolly Quilt Swap 2 is due this month and still I have nothing prepared - maybe I should steal some blocks from a quilt block swap - aren't they pretty - such lovely colours and prints in the repros!

Well, I did get interrupted - never mind! - my man is still so sick - don't feel I can talk about it at the moment, sorry! I see Darlene and Kaaren from The Painted Quilt are affected by illness - I'm so sad about that, too - best wishes to them! Happy week sewing everyone!

Monday, June 20, 2011

It Has Been Too Long!

Time flies! Here we are well into June and Heidi is saying farewell to the last of our roses before pruning! We've had a beautiful show during Autumn - so lovely! Well, Ed is home and now Mum is in hospital - she went in last Friday and I'm due to pick her up sometime this afternoon - just some little bug, but of course it has played havoc with a nearly 93-year old! We are all just plodding along day by day - but that's okay - let's just hope there are no more twists and turns in the road for a while!

Not a lot has been happening in 'The Studio' - I have dragged out some lovely linens and really fancy a nice table cloth of big patches - will be quick and easy once I get to it!

I have started a quilt with Moda 'It's a Hoot!' - now don't laugh, please - it is a start!

A lovely rose for Miriam - always think of you when the yellow roses bloom, Miriam - of Yellow Roses that is - pop over and say hello to this lovely girl! I have been having lots of little browses so sort of keeping up with most of you and your lovely stitching - keep enjoying!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kristen's Caravan!

Isn't this just gorgeous - a limited edition printed in Australia by kristen doran design - I just love it - maybe a cushion but I kinda like the idea of a frame!

I just love the detail - and of course the mood this work creates - yes, doesn't life look wonderful there!

A sneak peek at Baileys quilt - now, did I tell you my 15 year old grandson has been selected to represent Western Australia to play Aussie Rules Football in Canberra, our capital, in July - an honour he deserves and I'd like to try to raise a little money to help him - I'm hoping to successfully raffle a quilt! Not too sure about the above - maybe I will have to have a re-think, I don't think it is coming together as I wished! I'm having a little blog cleanup - deleting some defunct blogs and adding some new ones to Blogs I Follow - far from complete - lots of other priorities for now! Happy stitching!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Life Gets Better Each Day!

Oh , we are so very fortunate - Ed improves daily and he is now down at Waikiki Private Hospital very close to home - what a relief and blessing - no more hours of travelling and parking daily. I really would like to talk about all things quilty while the going is good - all being well, I will bring Ed for a home visit tomorrow to watch rugby league on Foxtel - whoohoo! See my lovely issues of Vignette that arrived yesterday - 'authored' by our Aussie Leanne Beasley of 'Leanne's House'!
I'm impressed - a happy, bright little mag with great stitchery designs and other delights, too. Congratulations, Leanne! Now I mean it this time, lol! - the very first block (I think!) for my new quilt - I just love it and it is one of the blocks from The Circle Game by Amitie - Jennifer Kingwell! I chose quite a different technique - to applique two circles then the petals on top - kinda creates the circle with a big flower on a star - agree? I have an overall design for the quilt in mind and I daresay it will evolve as I progress. It's lovely and portable and that suits me beautifully at this point in time! Oopsy, a bump in the light mauve petal - I'll correct that, not that it matters as quilt police are not really true!

I'm having a little thought - my 'Sewing Studio' is a pigsty - however, I really do need to whip up a quilt for a very special person in my life, so maybe I'll have to try midst chaos!

Happy Weekend sewing, Folks - enjoy!