Sunday, March 10, 2013

Oh So Cute!

 I mentioned in my previous post how I have decided to do Lucy Boston's Crosses. I did organize and start - just a little too wincy I think. Cute as ... but!
 So now I have a stack of one inch templates on hand and I am on a trial run to see what I can do with self-made one and a half inch templates.
I have some lovely fabrics about and of course have added a few more in Liberty Life, I think it is. They are just beautiful and I am just so enthusiastic, so let's hope I have some pretties to show you next post. Well, maybe one pretty, I'll be happy if I can achieve that.
I was so thrilled to have so many lovely comments on my last post and I still hope to get back to you all personally. Life is so busy, it takes a lot caring for others, but I really do want to hold onto my quilting, blog and all that goes with it.
Happy Sunday arv to all girls in Oz and it will come to all of you soon!

Playing With Crosses!


Monday, March 4, 2013

... And Life Goes On!

It has all been so long since things have felt normal, whatever normal is. For a fleeting moment yesterday, I decided 'no more quilting' - now here I am back again with renewed vigour, let's hope it stays. I'm so happy there is still so much inspiration and motivation out there, thank you dear Friends!    

In all of this I have lost a pic, will try to get it back before I sign off. Recognize the above - Lucy Boston's Quilt of the Crosses, just divine. I have ordered the pattern from NSW so it should be here before the end of the week. My plan .... to try to use modern fabrics to achieve a beautiful gentle look. I still have lots of repros, but must admit I prefer the fresh look of modern fabrics these days. I would love to hear from those who are making the above quilt - sigh, just lovely!
With heavy heart I posted this pic of my little girl, Georgina, a couple of days ago - she has been with us thirteen years and the time came to go to Doggie Heaven - I miss her so much and feel blessed I had such a faithful, adoring little friend for all those years. I now over-indulge Alice, that's the way I am with my pets - nothing changes there!
I hope the bubbles that have been bursting will stop and look forward to keeping in touch regularly.