Monday, March 26, 2012

A Fine Display!

I don't know what outshines the other - fine Scotch, my x and + blocks, or the dollies hiding behind my design wall! Oh, why do I have this small print?
I have added a few more blocks to my collection - I find I sacrifice accuracy if I try to rush, so it is a slow game I'm playing!
Would you believe this is a gorgeous midweight Liberty - isn't it just wonderful? I guess this piece is about fat quarter size - so very pretty, maybe I should just frame it! There was only one piece to buy!Ugly? Perhaps, but I think it just pops wonderfully and would you believe, this is a Liberty fine lawn!

Friday, March 23, 2012

A Trumpeting Finish!

With a little bit of sadness and lots of happiness, my Elephant Quilt is finished!As I have said before, it was a great, fun quilt to make - I don't think I have enjoyed making a quilt so much - but then, they often say 'my latest quilt is my favourite'.
And now on to other things - I must do some applique and I must prepare something for big-stitch Perle Quilting. I have a fun weekend ahead, here's hoping you enjoy yours too!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Design Wall!

I have been quilting 16 years and have never had a design wall - now don't laugh! it is only tiny and covers up my dollies in the cabinet but I DO have a Design Wall!Just playing yesterday, I decided I would do a few more x and + blocks (I have mislaid the others!). Then I decided I really needed a design wall.
See that little elephant there lower right-hand corner, I must finish the binding tonight, well maybe tomorrow.Very messy studio, but you must admit that design wall really gives it character! Happy day!

Hugs - Lurline♥

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Lovely to chat - my goodness! it has been sooo long ago - oh well, I can blame it on the heat again. Let's hope today turns out to be a nice sewing day. I have a two quilts very close to a finish and a new start!The above and below - a vintage quilt inspired by Rita of Red Pepper Quilts! Now something is not right - I have developed my own measurements as I want to do big-stitch quilting - yes, again! - there's not enough oomph! so I am going to throw in a few Liberties hoping to give it some zing.

Like this gorgeous Liberty that my Girlfriends! made for me when things were going rough - it is a bit of a hard act to follow, lol! As you can see binding is in progress and all being well I will exhibit in our QuiltWest in May. Awww! My baby Alice on her quilt - one of the very oldest I have.
Another binding in progress - and all being well it will go into the show, too. I have had such fun with every aspect of this quilt - hence the desire to big-stitch quilt. I'm not too sure about all the thickness where those Prairie Points go under the binding - it would be a bit sad to have to remove them.

Enjoy what is left of your weekend - there's a nice little breeze around here, so fingers crossed!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Another Week!

Another week has gone ... still hot ... still not much done with my playtime! Maybe I am losing my touch - a pattern has defeated me, now I wont talk too much about it!
Now look here - I am going to make use of this little luxury to justify its existence. Here we are looking at the start of Converging Corners by Film in the Fridge with part directions on my Apple iPad. I am not sure about it yet, the iPad that is, and I am hoping the novelty wears off soon. I didn't get 3G, but SIL tells me I can use my Smartphone as a hotspot and has set up the iPad accordingly.I hope this isn't boring you too much - I am so enjoying stitching in the evenings. I have another applique project I am looking forward to doing, but I really must finish this first.

It has been an interesting week on Blogger - so much discussion about Pinterest! Please do the right thing by people who have made investments into their businesses - also courtesy is always appreciated. I must say that for me personally, I have no reason to get involved - my days of being published and judged are over. I would only spend the rewards on more fabric anyhow, lol! It is nice to know people get warmth and comfort sleeping under quilts I have made.

Will the weather cool this week coming - I think not! Soon I will need to find out if I can still tackle weeds in the garden as David's time bobbing around the ocean has been extended. Enjoy your week whatever you do!