Monday, July 30, 2012

Low Volume???

So far! I do hope I haven't gone too bright - maybe too busy, but oh, well - that's me!

At this stage it measures about 40 inches square and all is going nicely - I'm just loving playing with the fabrics.
See my new little ironing table, placed all within easy reach so I don't have to get off my bot to press seams, which by the way, I am still pressing them open and becoming more adept at doing so. A beautiful day here today and I'm going to have a little tidy up before carrying on - I figure I am about one quarter of the way there and that's nice seeing it is all good fun.

I am a little disappointed we haven't been able to see the full display of prizewinning quilts at Victorian Quilters' Exhibition, but big hugs and congratulations to Karen of Quilts on Bastings for her Best of Show - how thrilling and so well deserved. Hmmm, mmm, must admit I do have a quilt that she quilted for me, so I am extra thrilled!

Happy day!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sunday Morning Quilts!

I've tried really hard - please believe me!What a mess! I've been sorting out fabrics for my Low Volume Quilt.

We can read up lots on Low Volume Quilts and belong to Groups - now here is a first for me, I really don't expect to cause too many headaches!
I have borrowed the pic above so you can see my inspiration from the just lovely, lovely book below, written by two gorgeous girls. I went through Amazon/Kindle and have downloaded the book onto my ipad - instant gratification and oh, how happy it has made me.
Looks like a fun weekend coming up - hope yours is t00.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sunny Saturday!

Delicious lemons - they don't look real! This beautiful fruit was given to me by a friend - locally grown, how's that? Maybe a lemon meringue pie should be made.I collect just a few Japanese prints - these are are gorgeous, coming from our gorgeous Ayumi of Pink Penguin! I have recently been asked where I get my Japanese prints - well, Google Blije Olifante and Sew Me a Song, both Etsy shops, hope you have some luck, though the fabrics can be quite expensive!
Fate unknown, but a 'must have' of label prints!
The Postie was kind to me this week, so I'm enthused to sew - I always seem to be saying after My Studio is in order. Maybe an hour will make a big difference so off I go and then I can spend some time in my lovely, sunny front room and I have a new little ironing table to set up, too. Thank you for the well wishes - I have improved, so that's great! Happy day!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Vintage Seaside!

Welcome to the start of my new quilt - pattern and inspiration by Cluck Cluck Sew and fabrics Seaside by Riley Blake!

I fell in love with this whole kit and kaboodle and can imagine cuddling up under it on these cold wintery nights. My highlighting etc. is being naughty, maybe I should make myself use the new interface. Do pop over and visit Cluck Cluck's blog - a very big favourite of mine!

I am such a creature of habit, but I do feel my blog needs a makeover, so if anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd be very happy to outlay the expense.

Also, I'm trying something else new - on the few blocks above, after some research, I have pressed the seams open - must say, a very nice finish and it could be very advantageous to quilting. I think it could be time consuming, too - so if anyone has an opinion, I would love to hear it.

Nine days of a throat feeling like I have swallowed razor blades and a very unhappy body must keep up the spirit and win the battle, lol! Happy quilting Girls and Guys!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Flimsy!

A nice little achievement for the afternoon -only about forty inches square, but at least I will have a finish. Could be a nice puppy quilt, a play quilt or a stroller quilt! Let's hope for a quilting start tomorrow.I have managed to acquire a nice little stash of cutie Japanese lights - I'm not sure of their fate - I just love looking at them!
Must tell you - my grandson Bailey is in Sydney representing WA in AFL in the State team - well, they had a convincing win on Saturday and Bay did us all proud - perhaps we'll hear a lot more of him in times to come! Also Byron's burns are coming along nicely though he's still having dressings at Perth's Princess Margaret Children's Hospital - should be all over soon and he can play his beloved AFL, too.

Oh, another thing - I fiddle away with my ipad quite a bit and have discovered how to buy Kindle books and download them on the ipad - oh, yes, I've been a bit naughty and have added a few really nice, modern quilting books to my library, more about that soon.

Monday, July 2, 2012

WIP - It's a Hoot!

We are having such beautiful warm days here, smack bang in the middle of winter! I've been spending a little bit of time in the front room playing and this is where I'm at. Maybe I will add a scrappy print border and then another white border.

I'm pretty chuffed with it and after a little thought, I have decided this can be the quilt for the puppies. The Wonky Logcabin? - well maybe a little cushion one day.

There is a Modern Quilt Group in Perth and I have been invited - have met the girls online only and they sound a fun group.
Fenestraria rhopalophylla - Baby Toes to me and many others! It is one succulent that will grow very happily indoors in good light and little watering. Chooky showed us her stunning succulent, so I promised I would send a pic of this one.

Still busy days for me - I would like to finish this quilt, so let's hope time permits. Hope you are all enjoying your stitching!