Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WIP On One Little Project!

Oh, this is a bit embarrassing - now where did I find this inspiration? Please tell me if it is yours! We have our RPQ show coming up in September and I have promised to donate some Lucky Door Prizes!

Ready to be quilted! This is 30" square table topper so will be quick and easy - once I get the batting! Not perfect, but it is very effective - I enjoyed playing with the fabrics!

Stitched on my new Janome 6600 - seems to like me, so that is great!

We have a lovely sunny day here and it is oh, so welcome - not too cool either! Shame I haven't got all day to play in 'My Studio' - hope you are enjoying your day!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, Louise!

What a fun afternoon! A great time shared with Girlfriends! overlooking the beautiful city of Perth. A perfect afternoon and we all behaved like ladies at the revolving C Restaurant, celebrating Louise's birthday while enjoying High Tea! Here's the Girl of the Day showing her new quilt - quickly put together by Barb and I on behalf of all The Girls! What a birthday to remember!

Gorgeous girl - I think I can say for sure what a thrill the whole day was for all of us!

Here we are toasting with bubbly, just a little as most of us were drivers - thanks, Barb and thank you too for organizing! There's me, second from the right!

The Swan River on a sunny Friday afternoon in Perth!

Yummy fabrics! I must put my beautiful new Janome to use this weekend - it has been such a busy week with Ed coming home - oh, thanks goodness and let's hope we have turned a nice big corner!

Can you see the horses on this fabric - how cute! I bought in both colours, don't know what for, but I really do adore! Happy weekend!

Friday, August 12, 2011

It's All Good!

Oh, boy - what a change! Firstly, Ed's operation went very well - he's still in hospital and will be home next Monday. He has been so brave and is now talking about the day when he can play bowls again. It is hard to believe life will have some sort of normality again - well maybe in a few weeks - I'm so tired, but it is a good sort of tiredness, lol! Lots to chat about and a lot of excitement - I have been able to stock up on beautiful 4-ply wool - that is one of the good things about driving to the city each day! It will be nice not to be so sidetracked in the evenings and to get down to crochet and applique. See my circle to the right - a few dear bloggers have admired it and asked about a pattern - seeing I have modified the original so much, I feel it is my own, with inspiration coming from the original - so, I hope to be able to help you out as soon as I complete my own design and make sure it works!

My hardanger piece - it was in one of my pics and a few have been interested, so here is a better view - oh, it must be 20 years since I made this and it is still crisp and lovely after so much use!

I can't wait to unpack my gorgeous new friend - I am so excited! This afternoon I will road test it!

These are the fabrics ...
and this is the pattern I will use - I have quite a stash of of gorgeous Kaffe's, mainly 20 - 30cm small cuts, so it should make a nice quilt, fingers crossed! If you have the same, I would love to hear your thoughts on it! I hope to hospital visit tomorrow and then spend a few hours with Girlfriends! I am so looking forward to a little freedom and relaxation, very self-centred I know but it has all just been so long! Happy weekend all!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Old Lady Stuff!

I've started to crochet a granny cushion - Kate from One Flew Over has inspired me to do so, thanks Kate! I do love to crochet, very therapeutic and something I've always sworn to return to 'when I am an old lady'. What a joke - I'm not THAT old and all the young moderns are doing it, so why not join in - now, please, I have had enough rudeness lately! I love this colour theme and am using Sublime cashmere merino silk dk - I like really soft wool, but unfortunately it falls in the high quality range and is quite expensive.

Anothery, too! Just gorgeous - this beautiful strawberry fabric is heavenly - again expensive at $30 plus a metre - I bought just 30cm and may have to splurge on a bit more.

Bobbing along very nicely on my table topper - I will show you an easy way to get it accurate if you fancy!

Both my dear boys are home at the moment and will stay here until their Dad's operation on Friday. Aaron will fly out to Lake Argyle next Monday - this mine is on the WA/NT border and where they mine the magnificent pink diamonds. His real home is in Thailand with his partner and I will show some nice pics later!
Yes, rain, rain again - we have had a little sunshine this morning - oopsy! my wet jeans are on the line. The rain is just so wonderful for the countryside and dams, though there has been a few nasty storms lurking around! Happy week everyone!