Sunday, August 29, 2010

Look Below!

I am very excited! What I really want to show you is a great pic of my Blue Frames below! Now it is an attachment Karen from Quilts on Bastings has sent me and the pattern is by Kate of
One Flew Over - I did choose fabrics and stitched it together and asked Karen if she could do the quilting so I can take a tiny bit of credit - I just love it, thanks Girls! I'm on fire - this is popped over the back of the lounge ready for me to pick up and stitch at night - it's making me happy!

Up above - yes, I did get to the machine yesterday - a little sneak peek at what I have started - it is to be a baby quilt and hopefully I will show you the flimsy and tell you about it later on in the week. A little more here and there - I find as long as I do things in short spurts without repetition for ages the dear old arms stand up to it - it has been a long six months and boy, am I going to make up for it!

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Oh, yes - everyone is thinking I've disappeared off the face of the earth! No, no - I really am starting to become the 'old Lurline' - maybe it is spring just around the corner! I've had a little tidy-up in 'My Studio' and found my Saffron Craig Fairy Quilt - nearly finished - top and bottom borders only to go - can I do it? - we'll see!

I've started a Kim McLean applique quilt - it was with a little trepidation I wondered if I had the ability to use Kaffe's fabrics - easy-peasey and I love it!
This is a gorgeous 1940 quilt - I would love to have bought it, but a little too expensive! I just love it and could have coped with the very poor workmanship - maybe I should make one of my own, though how hard would it be to capture the charm of this.
Whoohoo! It's that time of year again - thanks Donna, I'm in! It's fun to look forward to it all and really I would like to start a little stash of goodies to give at Christmas now!
Yes, Lizzie is here - lots of you will know her from A House in the Country! I've invited Girlfriends! to meet here here at lunch next Tuesday - what a buzz!
I have an urge - can't divulge because it involves the sewing machine - say lots of little prayers for me that I can stitch one lovely little project, lol!
Happy Weekend!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Penola Retreat

Last weekend was just delightful - I joined just the nicest lot of girls on a retreat - thank you all!Now, there's a long story to my Clamshells - they were destined for the bin and I really mean it! Late Saturday night I was totally over them - not good enough for me, etc. - Clamshells on the floor! I had a big sleep-in on Sunday and this is what I awoke to - some papers removed, pressed and lots more shells cut out and prepared - I'm still quite fragile at times and I really had to hold back those tears - I can brag and say aren't they just beautiful as I have had so much input from others and yes, I would be happy to share my beautiful friends!
Here's a few of us together - Louise, Carole, Jan then me - don't you just love the tasteful attire - Peter Alexander pants Raelene's shawl and no hair brushed as I forgot my brush!

A gorgeous Bullseye by Wendy - oh, I love it, I do have the book somewhere in the shed, just so old!
Candy's flannelette quilt, how rich and cosy - it was a very chilly weekend!
I just cannot believe this is a stitchery by Carole - it is! - so very beautiful!

Louise's Mariner's Compass - so bright and beautiful. Also chickens in progress by Iris.

Perhaps I should have left this pic to another time - it works beautifully! Janet of Quilstalott has told us about it on Glorious Applique - more to come at another time!

Happy week everyone - hope to do a lot of browsing and chatting!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Fingers!

Oh, I do love stitching applique - I am making slow progress at the moment, but I am getting there! Beautiful, beautiful repros - I find them very easy to work with, no problem with colour or pattern selection at all. The French General is just lovely to use for the background, not prone to creasing, so that is great. Originally I bought 6 yards, then ordered another 6 - now , as a lot of you know, this fabric doesn't come cheap and I was having serious guilts about buying this when I could have used quilters' muslin, not now though, one of the nicest fabrics I have ever used!

My 'Sewing Studio' is messy, messy - how can one keep tidy with such an array of fabrics. Cheers to those patient Girls out there who can use a different fabric for each leaf.
Way, way behind with Clamshells - here's the intention! I have fiddled about with the shape and widened it to 3.5". I am using paper shapes with paper that is slightly heavier than the ordinary copy paper and glueing the fabric with the Sewline stick. All seems to be going well, a little early to tell if it is going to be perfectly on the square - hope so as I've always wanted to do a little crib quilt. I'll try to keep it predominately pink with a few other pastels thrown in here and there.
Well, I'm out to the shed for a little bit - I need to scrounge for some plastic tubs for storage and there's also some repro bits and pieces out there - happy weekend!