Saturday, May 29, 2010


I don't think I should talk about the past week too much - let's stay on a happy note! My shoulders? - let's just say I had some fairly decent sleep last night - was sadly mistaken and don't see my surgeon until next Wednesday and I am choosing not to speculate about the outcome! I have a computer up and running, now let's cross fingers - I have an exchange camera Olympus E-PLI with inbuilt flash - seems beautiful, but again, I am too frightened to be too optimistic! Down to business - I had some applique pieces prepared for GT&SB - here they are and two fat-quarters I bought at the show - along with a donkey pattern that was it!

Another block finished - without too much difficulty I might add - perhaps I will become a quilter again!
I had seen this gorgeous book around in Blogland so ordered it - I am thrilled - now to decide which blocks to use for a small rug. I have a lovely range of DK wool!
I am going to lunch today with a few Girlfriends! - really looking forward to that as I am not quite the socialite I would like to be these days. Oh, when will I get to drive that car again? Again, enjoy your weekend, maybe a little stitching and crocheting for me. Off to have a little browse at your Posts - hope everyone is fine and happy!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Not for me sadly - just a little learning curve going on here, it won't beat me!

Now I don't have a computer - oh, I'm so sad! I'm using David's laptop to say a little hello to everyone. I just hope I have all the data on mine still - a techo will be out Tuesday morning, if I don't decide to chuck a Charlie in the meantime and run around the streets begging for help!

Happy Weekend everyone - do some more stitching for me please!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Popping in to Say Hello!

It is a week since I last posted and really I don't know what to say! Friday last week I visited the podiatrist in the afternoon, rolled on my left shoulder (the original bad one!) to get off the bed, toppled over and dislocated my right shoulder. I have lots and lots of severe pain and don't know where I will go from here - I came out of hospital Sunday afternoon and I'm waiting to hear from my orthopaedic surgeon now!

Meanwhile, best wishes to you all - I really have very little interest in anything, so you will all have to puddle along and make up for my lost time. lol!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Playing With the Baby!

I had a Girlfriend drop in this morning and am expecting another Girlfriend to drop in this afternoon and here I am playing! Should be tidying and folding clothes - how boring! Was to have gone to a Cancer Morning Tea today and am really belting myself up - often I find things 'too hard to do' these days - oh, when is it going to get better! Lots of clicking going on with my new camera - I do love it! I have made a few little Klosjes - I am not enjoying making them, but keep at it Girl!

I sent to Fresh Squeezed Fabrics for pinky off-cuts - here's the bundle - I'm really happy with them - thought maybe this year I would a softie for Holloween from this pattern, so ordered it, too! Great service, so I'm happy!

Another great little find - 6" squares of Liberty Paisley - associated with Kaffe Fasset! I just adore the range - fabulous colour - oh, I could put them to so many uses!

A stroll outside with my baby and I still have beautiful red roses smiling at me - a little neglected and probably the last bloom just before winter - rain is supposed to start this afternoon!
I told you I was buying bubbly for Mother's Day - the Girls and I enjoyed this little splurge - a fine Australian sparkling wine with hibiscus flowers? added - I think they are really rosellas!

Last but not least - my big boy, Ronan! He was an orphaned Siamese Fighter brought home to me by DD - he's the friendliest fish I have ever had and as you can see has a very healthy appetite - I so enjoy him!
I can hear you all saying 'thank God!' if you have managed to stay with me - maybe tomorrow I will start playing with my sewing machine again - hope so! Happy day!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to Mothers whoever and wherever you are - I hope you are all being spoiled! This is for my Mum! Ed and I have enjoyed a lovely couple of days away visiting the town of New Norcia, 190k away from where we live in Perth. It is the only monastic town in Australia filled with history, heritage and serenity. It was first established by Don Rosendo Salvado in 1847, beautifully maintained and preserved.

A beautiful Abbey Church - one can really feel the European influence in the architecture!

Paintings by local indigenous people - very inspiring and meaningful!

Long verandahs - part of the 2-hour walking tour! It was quite a warm day and lots of walking, so I was very thirsty and nursing one very sore arm last night!

More beautiful paintings!

We stayed the two nights at the Avalon Homestead - beautifully spoiled by Delveen and Peter and then drove home this morning!
Bushfires ravaged the area of Toodyay there a little while back - so sad to see the devastation of the houses and land, most of it cleared away by this stage.

My girls and their families have phoned to suggest they come over to cook dinner this evening - wonderful! - I will pop over to get some sparkling wine to celebrate, this day only happens once a year!
Enjoy your week ahead!

Monday, May 3, 2010

My Very Own Dollies!

Life is so much easier without arm restrictions and look - at last - I have simplified Dancing Dollies © - it has been on my agenda for many years and I played around when I couldn't stitch, with ruler and templates slipping and sliding. Now I have made a block substitute for GT&SB! Next on my agenda - a cot quilt! For all you kind girls who have asked for a pattern, hopefully it is within the foreseeable future now!

No Quit Police around here - I use good quality polyester thread for my applique stitching, I've tried them all and just like the result the best - though I must try Aurafil! I often use freezer-paper shiny side up, pin it to the background then blind stitch it. That's where the little forceps above come in handy - I make a little opening on the back to pull the freezer paper out.

Keep the little advertising cards from your quilting magazines - a lovely weight in cardboard to make little circles to draw up for the heads of the dollies! Happy day!