Monday, August 27, 2012

Half Square Triangles!

This project will be a lot of fun. Our Girlfriends! group is doing a swap - half square triangles, in blue, green, yellow,red, maybe purple and I forget what else, what a ding-a-ling! I think we make 32 of each colour, shaded light and dark - get the idea?Now, they are 4 inch finished, meaning our handovers for the swap will be will be 4.5 inch squares. Sounds a lot of work? No not really, I haven't tried this method before and am I ever impressed. I used two 10 inch squares, one light, one dark, right sides together. I ruled lines on the diagonal, with a scant quarter inch each side and then lines on the halves horizontally and vertically. The only lines I stitched were the original diagonals.

Then I cut on those lines as well as the horizontal and vertical - this give me 8 triangle right sides together making 8 squares.
I then pressed the seam towards the darker colour. This allowed me a smidgen to trim square to an accurate 4.5 inches. I always like to have that little bit extra to allow for accuracy and neatness. Hope you can get the idea, as it is really worth a try! Gee, that limey green is really trying to be yellow.
I haven't had a chance to finish my flimsy of the colourful butterfly quilt, but really have only a small amount of work to do - Angela, DD, loves it, oh what to do?

There's quite a few nice social events on the horizon and I'm really madly hoping I can participate - if I can't, I will just have to buy more new fabric to soak up the tears. Happy stitching.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Will It Work ???

That is the question - and I'm about to get an answer!Love the main fabric, love the butterflies - only the brave hearted would throw them together. lol! By the end of the day I will be very happy or very sad. I really would like a new quilt to hang on my family room wall, so it will be lapsize only, kind of instant gratification, but the big question mark is still there!

Have a fun weeekend!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Scandinavian Rose!

This will bring back memories! In the 'olden' days we were taught embroidery in 'Prep' - it was done on sewing cards. Then, of course, in my late teens, I had enough doyleys in my glory box to cover every nook and cranny! Oh, this is a bit embarrassing - today young women would be reading Fifty Shades of Grey instead of doing satin stitch, lol!I am big fan of Rosalie Quinlan and couldn't pass this gorgeous creation - I really love it! I intend plodding along and making it a family heirloom - progress will be slow.

Sometimes I think I need a bomb under me - I have been fiddling with my blog, while doing a bit of secret handwork. I still haven't jumped over to the new interface - scaredy cat! Who can give me a bit of encouragement.

Happy stitching!