Thursday, April 29, 2010

'Bye, 'Bye Sling!

It's gone - whew! - that was a long 6 weeks! I think I must be my doctor's favourite patient, he's very happy. Implant, muscle and tendon repair - a couple of months of exercises, and I'm sure I can cope with that - whoopee! I can drive my car again - tentatively, but I'll get there taking it sure and steady!

Hmmm, very bulky and restricting wasn't it?

I have been burning the candle at both ends, feeling a bit low and last night I thought it through and decided to have a blog break to get away from the computer and seriously into stitching again. Now, this morning after another computer interruption I looked at my Outlook Express Inbox and thought ' this is where part of the trouble lies!' - so many gorgeous Comments and I have read and loved them all, could I just once again be excused from making Replies? - I'm so unhappy about this - I just feel I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel if I don't get off to a new start - also, I have done so much browsing and not Commented, so please forgive me. This is so much a part of my life and I'd like to carry on if possible - there we go, hope it is okay to carry on! I've also unsubscribed to quite a few sites!

See my sidebar - this is the first edition of Fat Quarterly - PDF Download AU$8 - the whole 79 pages of it, must say I am impressed! I particularly love One Flew Over Kate's Windows and Frames Quilt - stunningly simple and the quilting is just amazing - congratulations Kate! Also, please visit Allison on Cluck.Cluck.SEW if you would like more eye-candy!

Though I haven't used a lot of her fabrics, must say I am a real Amy Butler fan - look at the free patterns I have stumbled across - love them!

I must be the oldest 'groupie' in the world - still love a handsome face and big muscular arms - my first I-Wish man was James Dean and second Patrick Swayze.

The reason for my late nights - I have been re-watching the miniseries North and South and loving it as much as the first time around. I have been so fortunate to visit the east coast of the USA and learn so much about the Civil War! Those beautiful plantations and antebellum homes!
I have always been so impressed the way the United States has preserved its history and am very pleased to see Australia has gone that way, too

Yuk, messy! My Studio - will I be able to tidy the mess? - as you can see, I have been able to pull boxes out and scatter fabrics everywhere. Let's hope I can put a bit of law and order into the place and family might help my put the boxes away again, lol! I've also had a big morning this morning and feel I am getting on top of everything in quite a few ways!
Off to have some lunch and into the mess - thank you for being so understanding, I'm just sorry I have let it get to this stage and shall try really hard to keep up with it all now!

Friday, April 23, 2010


Goodness, another Post so soon - I should be stitching, but Browsing is so much more comfortable these days!
Do you remember me showing an old cupboard and talking of having it painted red - Blushingham - well here it is plus the canvas of My Angel - extreme? - well maybe, but I am feeling so good about my new-look dining area! Australian designer china gracing it - Robert Gordon has been stored in the shed for over 5 years!

Sorry to bring up this subject, Christine of Once Upon a Quilt ... Now, Christine is a collector of honey pots and has an amazing collection - and I have been known to collect a few antiques in my day, says she The Minimalist! I really adore this rare little antique treasure, did have a little thought of posting it to Christine, but that little thought flitted out of my mind very quickly! Maybe I should add a codicil to my Will! Hey, this is really the TRUE colour of Blushingham - very pretty!
A gorgeous day for mail today - all the way from Pink Penguin in The USA - do visit her blog and Etsy site - thank you so much, Ayumi! Gorgeous girl, if you haven't visited, please do, you will be thrilled!
A very little sneak peek for Someone Special - French General Rural Jardin Chanvre Blue arrived today - I hope you Repro Enthusiasts approve it for the background of a very special quilt! I feel sure Kathie of Inspired by Antique Quilts will aprove - what do you think, Kathie, will have a little chat one day soon? One day all will be revealed!
Not much stitching happening and I really shouldn't be showing my designing in progress - but I really feel I have achieved a long-time-wish ... let's hope it all comes up nicely in fabric - and yes, all my own work - lets not talk about Copyright issues here - I'm over it! If one has the ability, let's just share!
This is my little? hindrance - my boob is sitting on a big fat cushion built into the sling - never mind, not too long now! Happy weekend everyone!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Joie de Vivre Returning!

There's a light at the end of the tunnel - only one more week to go and then, fingers crossed, my sling comes off. Here's a few more blocks I have found from GT&SB and I know there is another cutie hiding somewhere ...

And how about this? Another block partly prepared - not a great achievement, but still a little progress!

I've had two lovely days out and about - odds and ends on Monday, our State Guild on Tuesday and Secret Quilters in the evening. Lovely to get with all the girls again! Then when I arrived home Battle Hymn had just started - DH enjoys Fox Classics - now usually I pooh-pooh them! - watched it all the way through and felt like I was watching a chick-flick - a few little tears and nobody, nobody can convince me Rock Hudson was not heterosexual - he must have acquired Aids from a blood transfusion - such a beautiful, sensitive, gentle man, lol! - sorry you young ones, out of your league and I so rarely reminisce! For all Aussie fans of Patrick Swayze, North and South starts on Foxtel next week , my all time favourite I-Wish Man - loved the miniseries, too!

Oh, dear not often I ramble - love these little Darlings and think maybe I can substitute a block in GT&SB - can I manage a start?

Lastly for today - I have been managing a little Perle quilting on Dino - he must be happy that a finish is not too far away!
I'm off now!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Now Don't Be Mistaken!

Isn't this gorgeous! Green Tea and Sweet Beans - a BOM I am doing! See my Sidebar!

Oh, I have been naughty! I just love this quilt and am months behind!

This is my effort to date - maybe I have finished a couple of more blocks - lots are waiting in the drawer, so I think this could be the perfect time to try to finish a few more!
I tried doing some bookwork without my sling this morning - nuh, it didn't work! I'm feeling so despondent and that is not a good way to be! I did have a lovely chat with Chookyblue ... this morning an that's a great way to start a day as many of you know! I'm going to see if I can chat now with Christine in Brisvegas - seems she is not on top of the world and that is so not like her!
Happy stitching!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Hope you all have a fun time - I still haven't tested my sewing skills to any degree, so I really have nothing new and exciting to show you!

I have been doing lots of browsing and that in itself is fun - lots of bright, fresh ideas out there! I did have a lovely day last Tuesday at Diane's with Girlfriends! Pattie brought along a jar of yummy cookies - now how good is this? - what a way to 'bring along a plate' - all adorned in a beautiful red spotted ribbon!

Hmmm, here's me whingeing about wanting/needing a new camera! I think this glorious plant has photographed pretty well with my a la cheapie Canon Ixus 70 - it was a dull, drizzly day and the plant was on a darkish front porch and I was out on the footpath! Now, just maybe, I should be spending my money on lots more beautiful fabrics for one-day, lol!
Happy stitching!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


The weekend is nearly over and I have a few busy days ahead - thank goodness! Four weeks have passed, now another two weeks and two days to go. Every day I get great feelings of determination and then the head rules the heart - what if - what if I undo all that brilliant work!

That being the case, what can I show you? All you repro girls who love the brights will adore Folklore ... French reproductions from early 18th century. I decided to brighten our bright, sunny day by opening the pack of fat quarters!

I think they are just divine! The few browns on the right hand side are there for auditioning purposes. It has been a long time since I have seen a repro range that has thrilled me so much! I hope you enjoy the little I can offer at this stage. Still doing my DSLR homework - I think maybe Olympus is the forerunner at this stage - great reviews and the smallest - I chit-chat away in front of DH and ... silence! ... maybe he's thinking how expensive a divorce would be, lol!
Happy sewing!

Friday, April 9, 2010

I've Got The Blues!

Auditioning! Oh, I think they will be perfect!

Rita's Flying Geese - colour selection as above 'blue' - maybe I will get this whole quilt out of my stash! Maybe I will have to solicit some help with the rotary cutter. I so admire the simplicity of Rita's quilts, she is a true artist and knows when finished is finished - do you know what I mean? Check out her straight line quilting - so beautiful!
Again, my best little friends have spent the day with me - how lucky can a girl get! I must admit the boredom is setting in a bit - no, no, must not let it! I've had little rays of sunshine here and there and it doesn't take a lot to brighten my day! Lots of lovely fat-quarter gifts and little surprises - thank you all!

I'm on a mission - long story - the pic of the little angel I showed you before I went to hospital is being enlarged and made into a canvas - seems like I'm not the only one who loves it so much! My mission? - I badly want an SLR digital camera - Canon? - I would appreciate ANY comments or advice - a whim and a luxury? Well, maybe! DH has become The Opposition!
Happy weekend!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Motivator!

Look ... all finished! Beautifully quilted and bound - thanks so much Barb and Julia! I wish I had a you-beaut camera to do it justice! I had such a lovely time at the retreat when I made this flimsy and look at it now!
Here you can see it in it's true glory closeup - love the funky flowers in the quilting - all in keeping with the Kaffe theme!

I hope you are all enjoying your Easter as much as I am - yesterday 'my best little friends in the world' and I went to the movies - all very accidental, we ended up seeing Bounty Hunter - Byron chose and I think he had seen the great car chase in a trailer - I knew nothing about the movie, so I said 'okay - let's go!' Hmmm, must agree with DD Angela who thinks Gerard Butler is just super gorgeous and as I don't really remember seeing Jennifer Aniston in a movie before (oh, I must have!), I now think she is the finest example of the girl next door, such natural beauty - oh yes, would love to see that couple together in real life! Gee, it is great I can still enjoy a chick-flick! Poor kids, though - they took it all in their stride - I guess anything for an outing with Nanny!
I'm back to looking forward to each day - DH and I have just put tonight's dinner in the slow cooker ... I wonder if maybe I can do a little machine stitching?
Happy Easter Monday!