Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Opinions, Please!

My goodness - I too am finding great difficulty uploading photos these days - tricky and manipulation needed! I had such a lovely day out with Girlfriends yesterday, so motivation is high today!

Here we have a pretty Dresden I made perhaps 9 years ago - it is basted, ready to be hand stitched and that's not going to happen - my life has had dramatic changes as the years have past, lots of them wonderful I will say.
This is a fairly large quilt - now should I spend the money and have it custom quilted allowing for a scalloped border, or should I have it simply quilted and spend less money. I will add that the quilt has lots of original Feedsack from the US and even though am these days into modern, I still can find a lot of beauty and am very attached to this quilt - I would welcome comments! 

Must tell you about my new Magic Bean Plant - can you see the beans at the base? - supposedly a native to Australia? More of that at a later date if I don't kill it with kindness, lol!

Happy day!

Friday, February 1, 2013

One Little Project!

Though the sewing room is so messy, it was just so lovely to be in 'my little corner of the world' - and I have made my little thread catcher, so I shouldn't be kicked out of Donna's Stitch-Along though one day late. The little design is from the book Red Home by Natalie Bird - practical and fun!
I must now check to see what to do for February.
Yesterday was a doozy! Mum and I went to the doctor for scripts and a checkover and to cut a long story short, as I was trying to get Mum into the car from the wheelchair she fell straight back and hit the back of her head on the bitumen. An ambulance was in the vicinity and after much screaming and yelling people came from everywhere to assist. Straight back to the doctor we went, big egg on the back of Mum's head, otherwise found to be undamaged after a thorough check. Mum was badly shaken - me, well there is nothing a beautiful, refreshing Mojito can't fix. Late to bed last night and I slept like a baby - how can I pretend it was all so easy? - life's challenges, I guess, lol!
Happy Day everyone!