Saturday, July 30, 2011

How Rude!

Dear Girlfriend Robin has stitched together some big blocks of beautiful linens I have been collecting for sometime. I really want to have this 'tablecloth' quilted with straight lines and as it has to be very accurately stitched for this kind of quilting, Robin offered to put it together for me. Silly me with the injured shoulders - just another gorgeous friend of mine to the rescue! A very rude person came along and read his paper and had his coffee on it this morning - not nice! - I will be folding it up soon so thought I would show you before I whipped it away!

Another WIP - I will leave the computer and go straight to the machine to finish - let's hope it all goes together nicely. It is to become a small table topper to be donated to our local quilt group for their exhibition in September - more to show you in a day or two I hope! Have a fun weekend!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Popping In!

Yes, hello again - even though I haven't achieved much in the way of stitching, things are progressing nicely. I have started a little project - thank you badskirt for the inspiration! I will tell you more about it when I get more done and hopefully that will be today. This is really fun to do, so I am hoping all the lattices line up when stitched together!The second circle of my Circle Project - I wasn't happy with the background on the one in front - it was losing the star effect - so last night I reverse sewed and am now ready to put the petals back on a more significant background - I'm really enjoying this - simple applique - I'm hoping to make a nine-block quilt! Just a couple of fabrics I bought from Funky Fabrix in Brisbane - just love that little white one - cute little girls - oh, there is so many beautiful fabrics about!

I won the Mumma to this orchid in a raffle a few years ago - she has been divided up and blooming beautifully at the moment - a little bit of cheery colour in the wet, cold weather!

Things are moving along with Ed - the big operation is scheduled for 5 August - a double bypass and replacement aortic valve - I'm trying to fatten him up and the doctor said he must exercise to regain a bit of strength before the big day - goody! now he can empty bins, unpack dishwasher, feed the dogs, lol! More sewing time for me! No, not really - it has all been a big scare and I mustn't be blase about it!

Dear Louise has a big birthday today and we celebrated with the Girlfriends! at guild on Tuesday - Happy Birthday, Louise! Off to organize to sew now!

Friday, July 8, 2011


Popping in to say 'hello!' I am really not achieving anything much these days so all I can show you is 'lovely lovelies' that eventually I hope to do. My Japanese Flowers are progressing oh, so slowly and meanwhile I am dreaming up a design for the following applique piece! The lure of repros is always there with me - here's what is whizzing around in my mind - pretty hard to portray what is in there, lol! I love these baskets and flowers - to me they are stylised and would give me plenty of room to play - maybe the weekend will be kind to me and let me make a start! See the taupey fabric - it's from Japan so maybe a Daiwabo - I thought perhaps it would be nice for the background of the baskets and have ordered some more - and the other three are bits of stunners, particularly the blue!

I think this closeup, as fuzzy as it is, may give you and idea what I am on about - could be nice! Good luck hasn't arrived yet - still waiting to hear when Ed's open heart surgery will happen - meanwhile he's coping really well at home, spending most of the day in bed and reading lots of books. Another 'disaster' - Bailey, my grandson, who was to represent the State in AFL has a broken little finger, so looks like his trip to Canberra will definitely be out. This poor little finger was broken over three weeks ago at training - he showed it to Nana Tuesday evening - of course I went bananas playing Doctor Lurline and after more whizzing around with phone calls, hospitals and doctors, he is now at this minute seeing a specialist - would be lovely to get food news, but I'm sure we won't.

Off to do some bookwork and pay some bills - I'll try to avoid going to jail!

Hope life is treating you all kindly and you have a lovely weekend sewing!