Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How Gorgeous Can You Get!

I certainly feel like doing cartwheels, oh, I wish I could! I have just received this October's BOM, Green Tea & Sweet Beans plus a pic of the finished quilt - I love it, love it, love it!

I remember now why I was so taken with it the minute I saw it and this is the first pic I have to

to remind of of the reason - it is a delight to receive each BOM and now I can't wait to get them all and have my own quilt!

Here's this month's fabrics - and the hexie block will be done! Plus a tulips block.
Down Under Quilts is in the shops and what another lovely surprise - congratulations Robyn of Daisy Quilts - just a little sneak-peak for everyone to see. Australian girls just can't stop - we are on a roll - this Issue 136, will be a must have for a lot of you - there is another gorgeous quilt on the cover by Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession - the mag will pop out at you! Though I am not really a contemporary girl, I think I could happily live with this cool quilt quite easily! To you, too, Kathy, congratulations! I think I might have a little scrounge in 'My Studio' before I go out to spray my roses, AGAIN!

No, no, no - not mine - isn't it just a gorgeous rose, though! It's Bonica - I bought one yesterday now to keep the diseases and bugs at bay - not normally a really bad problem with roses here, but it is the weather - maybe a little tipple of Seasol in the sunshine will be just what they need!
Pretty, hey?
Happy Day!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Corner Blocks - Urns and Flowers!

I think almost from the start, I decided I would have an urn block in each corner of my CWBQ - so now we have them! I had to make sure 'my block', top right, tied in with the others - seems okay?
There are pears elsewhere in the quilt, so all should be well! I just have to remember now to keep pre-used fabrics aside to put into the border applique!

I decided to make nice, fine bias stems for the pears - I shocked myself here! - I like fine stems and the rest are a scant 1/4", so you can see I have jagged these tiny, fine stems - if you haven't seen before have a little look here to see how I make my stems with a Hera Marker. I do find the weave of the fabrics is a plus, too!

Gremlins invaded my body over the weekend and I think there are a few still lurking - I lay in bed thinking of all things pretty and thought about these fabrics I had bought in Melbourne, and lots of other beautiful fabrics and designs. I didn't get to Boddington, so, sorry I have no gold to spread around. Guess what? - still cold and rainy here and I did spray my roses again yesterday afternoon - I'm going to keep trying no matter what and have arranged for Hire-a-Hubby to come 9 October.
DD and I considered taking the littlies to the Perth Royal Show today - maybe Friday now?
Happy day everyone!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Beautiful Sunshine!

Yes, we have it - still a few clouds and dull spots, but oh, how lovely! This is the start of three days of it and am I ever going to enjoy it! It is so 'feel good'!

Brings out a little enthusiasm for Show and Tell - here we have my mock-up fourth urn block for the Civil War Bride Quilt - in progress, that is - lots of leaves and maybe a couple of pears to be added - why not! - the other blocks are quite densely appliqued. These flowers will feature in my border, so hopefully all will tie in nicely!

Remember my little baskets from Where the Cold Wind Blows - they have been brought to my attention and I've pulled them out - even if I get to crib size, that will be nice, but I will keep going!

My Guy - at last! - here he is, Magoo! And he is going to live with me - I've promised him he will be an only child and he looks very happy about that!

He does have playmates! I could become a dolly-maker again, but quilting is'the' passion! So much so, my fingers are very itchy to do do a little creating - maybe a new start - no stay on track, Lurline! I have ordered some more Kaffe's from Hancocks - I should have a lovely stash soon - it has been a long time - since they first hit the market here in Australia actually - and I've ordered his latest book!

A promise of spring - my first roses! The garden is not a pretty sight, but the sun will bring everything along, plus I bought three new potted roses yesterday - two of 'Seduction' and the other 'Hot Chocolate'.
I'm off to Boddington on Sunday to a lovely quilt display - I have never been before, so it will be an exciting day in the sun! Boddington is about 120k away - a mining town and very lucrative for our state - lots of gold there!
Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Girlfriends! Day - Again!

What a gorgeous day - so nice to get out in reasonably pleasant weather on the long drive of almost 200k round trip! Then we parked in the back lane and came in the back gate to this glorious greeting - wisteria with bees and all!

Barb is the Hostess with the Mostest and we were waited on all day - not that it is intended to be the plot behind these lovely get togethers - but, gee, it was nice! Here's a pic of a great big, bright, jumbo cushion Barb is teaching - I'm allowed to copy and as I always sit and stitch very straight and upright, this will be a great way to re-vamp my existing cushion. Hmmm, maybe a little more Kaffe?

For you ladies who do love to cook - a 'must make'! Pop over to Lizzie's The Cook and scroll down for this recipe of her Mandarine Cake. I decided to take sweets along for lunch and with the addition of marscapone cheese and a little custard this was Yummo! Thanks, Lizzie!

On this side of the country we have missed out on those dreadful duststorms - we still have the cold wind and rain coming off the Indian Ocean. After today, three beautiful sunny days are forecast - that will shake everybody up - I bet nobody stays indoors too long! Off to local Patchwork Group now!
Happy Day!

Monday, September 21, 2009

What I Have Been Doing!

Definitely, a bit of this and a bit of that! Now, this little fellow below, as cute as he is, has caused me a bit of bother - so I am off to start creating a new head for him, but at least he has shorts to wear on the lower part of his body, Philip Jacobs designer fabric, too, I must tell you. He was to have been part of Danielle's birthday present - today is the big day and I have given her lovely gifts, so when Magoo is finished he will stay at home with me!

Below, my original urn block for the CWBQ - I'd like the four corner blocks to be 'urns and flowers' so the pattern having only three, I had to go back to my drawing skills! I think this one should tie in nicely with the rest!

Below - just a nice collection of fabrics I have chosen to have in my stash - a lovely plummy border fabric and some co-ordinating fat quarters - I have no idea for design at this stage, but it will happen - one day! Oh, the colours are not as drab as they appear.

Our weather - well, absolutely cyclonic with the winds and rain - oh, please God, a bit of spring weather would be lovely! I am in the throes of trying to re-vamp my front garden and am battling the elements. I have Hire a Hubby coming to give me a quote (for the garden, that is!) late tomorrow, so now I just have to hope there are still potted roses about.
Let's hope the next Post has a bit more progress to show than this one!
Happy Day!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Second Star!

There is not a lot to talk about today - except my almost perfect Radiating Star from Block of the Month by Material Obsession.

Wednesday presented lots of interruptions, then yesterday a trip to the doctor with Mum, who has a nasty chest infection - lots of people here are going through a flu virus stage at this time!

Now, this one seems pretty perfect to me and am I ever pleased - a Kaffe centre bringing a little sparkle to the Block! Now I'm looking forward to what October will bring. I received my issue of Quilters Companion yesterday and see there is an advert for Material Obsession (Page 19)
saying 'sign up now' so maybe it isn't too late for those still wishing to participate!

Off to the grooming parlor for the puppies this morning and then maybe a start on a special weekend project - this one will be a lot of fun and hopefully will take just a couple of days to complete.

Happy weekend!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another Block Finished!

My third block of The Civil war Bride Quilt - finished last night! After a lovely day out at our state guild sewing day, it was so lovely to have time to finish this block.

I am enjoying the appliqueing so much and have another block started!

Hmmm, hmmm - not to be beaten, I am going to have another attempt at perfecting the Radiating Star Block - let's hope for peace and quiet here today - no phones ringing or knocks on the door!
See the new button on my Sidebar - Among the Gum Trees - a wonderful venture, and to all you girls, I wish you all the very best! Click on the button to see who is involved - I am really looking forward to lots of fun from this bunch, they will bring sunshine to Blogland!
Happy day!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Radiating Star!

Here is this month's block from Material Obsession by Sue Ross!

It wasn't the easiest of blocks to make, working with bias seams - a few puffy bits and wrinkles. Not to despair - these little imperfections will probably come out in the quilting! At least I have nice points that do all match up!

Here are the two blocks so far - looking pretty!
I have been having very busy times with the little ones, both their Mum and Dad unwell - hopefully I will have a day to catch up on things. We are still having so much rain, and king sized sheets and dryers don't mix too well, so hopefully today is the day for drying on the line, too
There is a little finishing to do on my latest CWBQ block, so hopefully a finish and a start there today, also!
Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sewing and Shopping!

Another two blocks from GT&SB done - these are Drunkards Path! I have had a few comments about receiving different fabrics - well, I tend to play around with little bits in my stash and often substitute. These are from Nanette of Freda's Hive - I've been thinking of Nanette and the gremlins that have invaded her computer, so here's something happy for you to see, Nanette!

Some of my shopping - now don't ask me why, but I love this Kaffe floral and I am not a 'brown person' at all! Look at these gorgeous shot cottons of his and how beautifully they co-ordinate. I think I know what I am going to do with them!

More Kaffes and Shots - the two purples on the right I will use in my CWBQ for the Grape Block! The aboriginal dots - these read sort of plain with just a little dash of something and could come in handy. The floral - well, I just like the background colour.

I had a lovely sleep in this morning with the rain and wind fiercely swirling around outside. However, it was so sad to read the news one of Australia's most highly esteemed quilters has passed away - pop over to Erica's blog Creative Dabbling to read a wonderful tribute to this very talented lady, Narelle Grieve.
Hope your day is a happy one!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Poppy on Design Wall!

Back to this month's Green Tea & Sweet Beans - today I worked on the Poppy Block -another cutie!
It won't get lost - my wall quilt has turned into a design wall - see it on the left!

Plenty of hand-stitching prepared - see my CWBQ block next to it. I am straying further and further from the original - my own urn design and also I am adding little red berries!

I decided to foundation piece my Poppy Block - very successfully, too! - a word of warning if you decide to do the same - follow the sequence of the instructions. Being the Smarty I think I am - I jumped straight into it and it was a case of ' fools rush in where angels fear to tread'!

I'm looking forward to doing the rest of the blocks for this month. The weather has been so foul it isn't pleasant to venture out - however, all being well tomorrow, I will take a trip to LQS 60k's away - I want to check out their Kona cottons and also a little bit of Kaffe!
Happy day!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Missing Block!

I have been busily working away preparing my CWBQ block so I can sit and applique tonight - but I haven't been happy! Wherever I have lived, I have had 'a big black hole' in my place - maybe it is the pace I travel at, but it is not a good feeling to have 'lost' something and I experience it too often!

Block 1 was missing - I had searched every drawer and cupboard and thought 'oh, no - that's it , trying to be a neat-freak, I have thrown it out!

How dorky can one be? There it is happily pinned to a quilt on the wall in 'My Studio' to keep it neat and tidy.

With all this stress and anxiety, how am I ever going to teach myself Photoshop, and this month's Green Tea and Sweet Beans has arrived, too! Back to your preparation and move on, Lurline!
Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Fabrics ... Old Memories!

Wow! These are the latest two fabrics I have ordered and received - aren't they just wonderful and I think I know what I am going to do with them! Mammogram Day - so this was my consolation for a bit of discomfort! Bill Granger - one young Ausralian man to die for! and a great chef, too - another Photosh0p manual -I WILL do it! - and a relaxing fiction novel!

Pics below - from 1989! I have been chatting with Nedra and that has brought back a lot of wonderful memories!

Once I master Photoshop these images will be perfect! Danielle, Ed, Moi, David (twins!) on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Check out the white boots and the tiny slim figure, big shoulder pads and all, LOL!

One of the most glorious shots - the Golden Gate, San Francisco - taken on a super professional big and heavy Nikon and scanned today!
Lombard Street - the Most Crooked Street in the World - how beautiful - would you drive down it nowadays?
Thanks, Nedra for reminding me of wonderful times - perhaps I will have a little travelogue of the wonderful times we had in the USA - four in total - and we loved every moment of them - I
think five months in total!
Happy day!