Saturday, August 31, 2013

Making Paper Dolls!

Oh, I think I have Blogger's contrary ways sorted out, yay! Just been having a little play with Brandon Mably's Paper Dolls - just love them!

 Here's Dolly 1 - made from Kaffe Fabrics and a random background - lot of fun! I'm never going to grow up even if I have to grow older!
 Don't you love Denyse Schmidt's Florence? I have fat quarters in the coral ...
and the blue - I think  I prefer the blue - but then again ...

These days I'm a creature who loves her comforts! Though this is not us - here's a beautiful pic of a beautiful spot  where we camped at in East Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia. Strictly 4WD 
country and possibly inaccessible these days as it is Aboriginal Land. I'm so happy I spent the 17 years there between 1977 and 1994!
Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Getting Back to Blogging!

Wow! Busy days - I really don't mind this caring so much, nor time spent with my loved ones, but it leaves me little time for Lurline. Here in the West we are still having a cold, wet winter, so time in bed
reading is just a bit nice too! That is done very late at night.

 No ... not my work, just gorgeous though! Many years ago, I received this lovely little gift from Nanette of Freda's Hive. I have made a few mugrugs as gifts and don't have one myself - so this little quilt has been with me to quilting groups on the last couple of outings - so many comments and isn't it still just so modern! Once again, so many years on, a big thank-you to Nanette - she's still a shining star!

 Little Nate! So precious to us all - we are sooo proud. Hie is now nine weeks old. His Dad is with us at the moment before flying back to Barrow Island on Saturday. Aaron is working on the Gorgon Project there and is doing a Frontline Management Course in Perth at the moment. Nate is nine weeks old now and lives in Thailand with his mum Ooy, so in true Thai tradition Aaron shaved his head while he was there - very pretty little chap so lucky he doesn't have curls, lol!
I have joined a group on Facebook 'Growing Up in Gove' and my heart has bubbled with joy at the photos and memories of our seventeen years there. Nhulunbuy, the township of Gove, is on the tip of Eastern Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory and houses the workers of a copper mine there. Gove is the home of the Australian indigenous people Yolngu. Just taking a bit of licence here to show you the beautiful white sands, blue waters, glorious sunsets - God's Country commonly known as Gove Disneyland.
I could prattle on and show lots more pics of my life then and now - however, this blog is about quilting. I'm finding Blogger seems more difficult each time I use it - perhaps I need to use some time in the wee hours studying up on Blogsy on my trusty ipad.
I hope some of you girls are able to enjoy this Post - though I'm not getting much done, quilting is still my passion - need I say secondary to my loved ones, lol! I've managed to delete my signature again, funny that, so Happy Stitching to You All - Hugs - Lurline!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Girly Flimsy!

A little cutie for a new baby girl due in September - she will be a little cousin to Nate, so we must keep her warm!

 I have used bits and pieces from my stash and inspiration has come from a lovely blog, Plum and June. It measures only forty inches square, so hopefully quilting will start tomorrow!
 Dear granddaughter Heidi has been over again with twin brother, Byron - they are pedalling home now and I've told them to let the little angels sit on their shoulders to guide them home safely - yep!
 they say. Here's Heidi - growing up so fast ...

.... Saskia, too. Big fat cat these days and oh, sooo, beautiful!
Their Mum plays with Instagaram - here's a pic she took of one of my roses. Clever girl!
Now, if I align this pic to the left, I will lose it - so I will leave well alone. Happy Sttiching!