Wednesday, December 5, 2012

No Name Yet!

So far, so good. This has been  an enjoyable quilt to organize and stitch - it is now being basted and then the long haul to quilt with Perle thread.  .......and, I'm not happy - my computer has been fiddled, then onto my printer. The photo editor can't do her job properly either, but I must take the blame for that!

 This pattern comes from the book 3-fabric quilts, nice inspiration there! The floral is Lilly Belle, the orangey/pink from Anna Marie Horner's Field Study range. I have ordered some Valdani Perle 8 to do the quilting, I'll let you know if I see any significant difference. I usually use Finca Presencia or DMC.
Most places in Australia are starting to warm up, poor Queensland suffering heat and fires. My heart goes out to you over there. Happy quilting to you all, I guess we are all so busy now with Christmas around the corner.