Saturday, January 29, 2011

Off to Work We Go!

I must work very, very hard - remember my Fairy Quilt? - I am trying for a finish in 3 days - oh, yes! - I think I will make it! Only borders on 2 ends to add, some quilting and then the binding! I know I could skip the binding and have shaggy edging - oh, very tempting!

I have a lovely, tidy studio - whew!, lots of tidying this week, so I'm on track with resolutions, isn't that just great?
Gorgeous current Thirties I bought on eBay - 6" squares for US$20 - one day I will count them - let's say I am just thrilled to have received so many!
Orchids and pomelos! These orchids must be of the same species as the Cooktown orchid - the floral emblem of my 'home' state - blessings to you all over there in Queensland recovering (I hope!) from flood damage. Back on track - these gorgeous flowers adorn my son's front patio in Thailand - and I popped a couple of pomelos into the pic!
Just gorgeous fruit to eat ! Kinda like a sweet grapefruit - very large, very thick, white pith
and normally prepared before you buy. I really don't like grapefruit but love these!
A fruit lover's paradise - probably all tropical when I think about it - yes, Lurline, of course it is tropical, Silly Girl!
I hope you are all enjoying a lovely weekend. Off to do some sewing - we have Cyclone Bianca sitting out in the Indian Ocean - let's hope it heads out to sea and leaves everyone alone!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Happy Weekend!

About to do this Post then tear myself away from the computer! Do you remember my Liberty Log Cabin I started in November - I'm picking up a little significant memorabilia to add along the way - of course, I am the only one who it will be meaningful to but that's okay! Let's start from the top right - a gorgeous, well-used hankie in a bright, pretty floral brought to me many years ago from Liberty London, blueish peacock tail - sent to me when DD Danielle lived in England, middle blue floral - a fine cotton from Jim Thompson, Pattaya, Thailand and the dainty peachy floral the same. The name Jim Thompson is synonymous with the finest silks in Thailand and the hankies of a generous size cost me AU$1 each, oh I must get some more to add! The two Liberties are still currently available!

Cute shoes from Festival Central, Pattaya - wow, the department stores there almost equal those in the US - no street market stalls for me. Now I'm not being snobby, I just think I am one of the luckiest girls in the world to have these experiences.
The shoes sort of go nicely with the BOM I have re-joined from amitie textiles - I did, then I cancelled and had just the one month sitting looking at me, then I've seen Janet's of Quiltsalott, too so let's hope I can make a little start this evening! It will be nice and bright and I was having a little worry about this - well, if I can wear shoes like that I can cope with the quilt I guess!

Oh, yes - my Accuquilter! I've had it since before Christmas and can't make up my mind if I will really get the value out of it, so it is not even unpacked. Please help me if you have an opinion as I bought it through Hancock's free shipping and I'm sure I could easily sell it if necessary.

My two little cherubs were waiting for Nanny to return home - of course the pressies went down beautifully - more here and there about the place! OMG they are gorgeous kids - just have to have a little brag!
My computer room is so tidy it's to die for and that hasn't been the case for many months - it has taken a couple of days to be completely organized - so it's off into 'My Studio' now - let's see how we go! This body of mine is regaining strength so rapidly, so I'm just treasuring every moment of the day! It was such a long time feeling so lousy so I have lots of time to make up.
It has been great hearing from lots of you and getting some news -I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sawasdee Ka - Thailand!

Back home again after a wonderful holiday to Thailand! Nice to have had a peek at my computer to have a little look at a few things that have been happening and let's hope next week I will have something exciting sewing-wise to show - at least I do have a few packages from the USA to unpack and I have been putting that little joy on the backburner! I have just a few little glimpses of a beautiful country to show you and will show more as time goes on! Above - beautiful orchids at a local nursery in Pattaya - oh, I wished I could bring some home!

Yes, that's me - nothing that a good airbrush wouldn't help! Up close and personal, oh I do love these creatures even though a big soccer ball to the head doesn't exactly endear one of them, lol!

Overlooking Pattaya - a fun filled racy city and don't believe all you hear about the bad side - maybe I had reason not to find it being with DH, two sons and the sweetest little DIL on earth!

Perhaps my favourite spot in Thailand - Chiang Mai! Such beautiful countryside, silk, silver, cotton and of course those beautiful elephants! So tempting, but no - I didn't ride one this time - I must admit I did find my shoulders a little restricting getting in and out of the various types of transport over there let alone elephants!
I really must apply myself to unpacking completely before sewing so that will take care of this weekend - it will be lovely to hear from you as I've been darting from this blog to that with little time to comment. Enjoy your weekend and blessings to those who are affected by the ravaging floods in our country - oh, dear!