Monday, September 30, 2013

.Glorious Sunshine!

Oh no! Once again I have problems with Blogger. I had just finished posting and lost the lot, through no fault of my own, boo hoo! Now I will be Saving every minute or so, better make this quick ...
Top pic is my contribution to our Creative Threads group who are organizing a raffle basket for Pink Month in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. I'm happy as with the Makeup Pouch from a tutorial by Flossie Teacakes - also donating a few fat quarters of pink solids. 

DD, Danielle, has been Instagramming my roses again - this one a climber Don Juan. She gets so much fun out of taking pics here, there and everywhere, and of course I love being the recipient of her work.
Off to make a start making dinner, then checking out my home made recipe for fungus on roses - hope it works! 
Happy Day everyone - sorry about the messy Post!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Promises Broken!

I did promise myself I would post daily for a week - no! hasn't happened. I've got lots of really good excuses, but let's get on with this Post!

  Less than an hour ago a lovely parcel arrived at my door thanks to Fabric Patch in Queensland. As you probably know, I'm in Western Australia and I can't say enough about those great girls on the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast. Do have a little browse of their site at some time. This book really took my fancy and as I am thrilled with it and the ruler - should make life easier! I wish I had time right now to get to the sewing room. The book has really great modern patterns, yes, some a little wonky which I love! Oh, see the new little pincushion I have made myself out of a little orphan block - my other one has gone missing, I'm sure it will come out of hiding one day.

Another pic of my gorgeous Brass Band - DD who does Instagram beautifully told me my last pic was boring - oh well!
Happy stitching girls, we have beautiful sunshine here at long last must savour it while we can - should pop out and talk to my roses, lol!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Turning Over a New Leaf!

Happy Day! I'm going to achieve a lot today - sort out technical problems, starting with clearing my desk an equipment and putting barbed wire around it so no one can venture into MY SPACE!

 Lots going on stitching-wise these days, so even if I post a bit of nonsense each day for perhaps a week, maybe I will develop some good practices. That commitment being made, let's start ... this little quilt all ready to go to Nate's new little cousin in Thailand.
 I just love the binding fabric and these clips too - no more pricked fingers and little spots of blood to remove. Now, I'm not messing about or I will lose the pic below - I'm thrilled with my new rose below. It is Brass Band and I love, love, love it - saw it as a forthcoming release about ten years ago in Brisbane. It sure lives up to its name! Happy stitching girls!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Some More Pretty Dollies!

Really I am just practicing, so let's hope I can do it without someone holding my hand!

Goodness me! Shocking editing - they really do look a lot prettier. The top r/h dolly has a pretty green Liberty dress. Still I must keep trying to improve. It is just so easy to Post this way but I can see I will have to do tweaking on my laptop at times. I still need to work out how to post My Signature.
Off to the shops to prepare for dinner now and the hopefully some appliqué tonight.
Until next time - 'bye - Lurline.

Today's Lesson!

Now, this is beyond my learning curve, I think ... dear SIL is being very patient!

I would love to make the above - when? - maybe when I have mastered Posting this way!
Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pretty Dresses!

Lots to chat about, but computer problems - oh well, never mind. Pics not so good, we'll see how we go.

 Nine dollies made - lots of fun, but messy sewing room! That is one problem with scrap quilts, I'm sure you will all agree. I have made a few more since, but email is playing up with me too. I love choosing the fabrics for their pretty dresses.

Our weather is still very unpleasant. Spring must come soon. Here's DD at one of our local beaches and what a wonderful addition. Danielle would loved to have gone closer to this glorious creature but wasn't sure what his reaction would be. Aren't we lucky to be so in touch with nature!
I get so much enjoyment from blog-reading and really wish I had time to do more Commenting and Posting. I'm sure time will come one day, meanwhile I'll continue to enjoy what I can.
Happy stitching!