Friday, September 30, 2011

For a Little One in England!

Sorry ... it has been quite a while since I chatted ... not nice to miss out on things. I haven't been well with flu and asthma, a bit of a problem for many in this part of the world - maybe tomorrow will be a better day! I have been asked to make a baby quilt for a newborn baby boy in England, sooooo - I have pulled out some fabrics from the stash! Those middle two, the busy prints, are Japanese fabric I love so much - oh, and I have a charm pack of It's a Hoot - so I figure it will be a very simple 5" patch quilt - let the fabrics do the work, lol!
My new Janome and I still haven't become friends, booh, hoo! Maybe that will happen tomorrow too! Happy stitching all!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

To Treasure or Charity?

I have got myself into a real mess - fabrics everywhere looking for x's and +'s - to cut into bigger pieces or not? ... anyhow, while ratting through boxes I came across this 'old' flimsy made by our group Birds of a Feather in Brisbane - no that's not what it was called - tell me Christine! I could make this into a long story - trust me, I won't! Those were the days when I didn't get to quilting before I started on another project - I'm just a little better these days. I thought 'now that's a nice charity quilt' - how wicked, and now it is growing on me very quickly and the puppies need a new quilt for their spot on the lounge beside me - guess what I am going to do?


Sticking to my promise to myself - I can't quite get perfection on joining those seams, though I am improving, I think, lol!

So delicate, so beautiful ... lots of beautiful buds are about to burst open - what a beautiful time of year!Happy weekend!

PS - just remembered - of course! - our group in Brisbane was Kindred Spirits - thanks Christine, lol!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Remembering ...

God bless America and all affected by 9/11 - today is a day full of hope! Wow! Not really - still only four blocks complete - I make some silly errors and have to unpick - but I really love the outcome! I have discovered I have enough fabrics to make quilts for everyone - a very messy 'Studio', however will I get it tidy again!

I thought it was all a bit bright - too many fabrics fighting for top spot. Here's one a little quieter and now I see what I have to do to tone it down.

I'm still working on my circles - nice to stitch in the evening while watching tele and chatting to Mum. I love this background fabric - Hope Valley by Denise Schmidt - I'm not sure I have enough, so if someone could be on the lookout for me I would be very happy! It is a very versatile colour and print, don't you think? Oh, another lovely book by Suzuko Koseki, Playful Patchwork.

The first red rose of spring - I planted the bush thinking it was Satchmo and then I thought it wasn't - now seeing the dark tinged bud, I think it must be - a very prolific bloomer!

I have a busy week ahead with specialists for Ed - he's doing very well at long last thank goodness - it seems such a long time!

Happy week!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A New Beginning!

Hi! Nice to be back - it is so great to have a day at home just to sew! We still have crispy weather with beautiful sunshine - aah, spring! Promises, promises - well here we go! I hope this project doesn't end up being another UFO - WIP, yep, that's okay - maybe one block a day would be nice. I really just love this quilt very scrappy and quite bold, I think that is the appeal. It can be widely seen and I have taken my inspiration from Cathy at Cabbage Quilts and Amy at Badskirt. I love the Japanes novelty prints
so anyone out there who can point me in the right direction to acquiring more, I would love to hear about it - I feel sure there must be a lot of quilt stores here and overseas stocking them, maybe Etsy stores, too.
I'm feeling a bit sad about not having much of a chance to use my new Janome very much - I haven't bonded with her yet, so let's hope now is the time. There are so many gorgeous things happening out there, so tempting!
Hope your day is a happy one!