Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In My Little Corner of the World!

It seems like a little while since I've been here - quite a lot of Reading and Inspiration - very little Commenting and Replying (Sorry!). I have been trying to sew - flopped - aargh! Oh, I've been extra wicked, too -I have missed two Fat Quarter Birthday Swaps also - 'hey - that's enough, Girl - move on, no matter what!'

. One gorgeous folk art platter from Intercourse, Pennsylvania to Perth, Western Australia - love those leaves on the tree.

. Below it, a jug from Ikea - local, but simple and lovely.

. Back right - have any of you received a pressie too precious to use - just too gorgeous and made for me by Chookyblue. Ah, ha, I do use it and quite a lot, too - for little sewing tools, the odd business card I know I will use, a tiny fabric swatch I know I will need to match!

It is so lovely to get away from the real world for a little while - this is the most beautiful milk jug cover I have ever seen - see how the tiny beads are slipped on the thread and crocheted to form the star design - there could be no background design more suitable than Liberty of London!
A late lunch again, some birthday present posting (I'm so sad and sorry, Barbara, Christine and of course you too, Maree - I feel I will be blacklisted in Blogland,and here I am telling all the world about it!). Please forgive me for all my wicked ways!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Nancy Nine Patch!

I love antique quilts - back left, here is an original that has inspired me - pop over to True Blue Quilting Nana to see Nancy's wonderful treasure - perhaps around 70 years old - thank you Nancy for allowing me to keep this little beauty alive!

I've had a few hours of fun this yesterday afternoon and feel sure I will achieve the look I want. I have chosen Retro-Thirtyish, now is there such a thing? Fresh, bright and pretty - and really there is quite a challenge in this not so simple 9-patch - perhaps not the best way to get into the swing of things, we'll see - maybe a simple 9-Patch would have been enough, this will be quite different with all those little individual squares to make the secondary 9-patches that join the blocks together!

I have chosen 2" cuts (finish 1.5") and I will be trying my best to spend a little time each day to try to pull this quilt together. She will be called Nancy 9-Patch - there we go, now that is a commitment. She will be a scrappy of course - I'm popping to the machine now to try to get a little more done - let's see if she is suitable for a Quiltalong - no two quilts would look alike!

Ta-ta for now!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

You Are Going To Love This!

I have one very Lucky Girlfriend! And aren't we so lucky to share this at our Sewing Day last Tuesday! Gwen's Best Friend bought her this fabulous pic for her - read on and enjoy!

Here is a some work of the Earth from Above by Yann Arthus-Bertrand! - spectacular! The above I took at Gwen's place with my new camera - no flash required, so how great is that! These are wonderful cotton fabrics drying in the sun, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India!
See those tiny figures and their shadows in the lower left-hand corner!

This one I have snuck from the Internet! To see more of Yann's wonderful work, Google Images for Yann Arthus-Bertrand. I have spent literally hours browsing - great pain-killer on this very chilly day! There is so much written and pictorial interest surrounding this wonderful artist, so please have a little look if you are that way inclined.

This week has slipped by with no production - again! - lots of inspiration there though! I have a big black cloud hanging over my head in the way of medical bills - it is enough putting up with the inconvenience of being unwell, but worse still trying to sort out the red tape, lol! Maybe I will bite the bullet now and have a little think in the Sewing Studio tomorrow! Happy weekend everyone!

PS - oh, I am going for careful, gentle little drives in the car - I feel like a bird set free - I promise I will be extra careful!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Here's Hoping!

Have I turned a corner - maybe! - less pain, more enthusiasm!
Another start at another lot of Granny Squares - must apply myself and keep on moving! Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino is just so gorgeous and soft - as I have mentioned before, my squares have been inspired by Attic24 (I do have some old tricks I find hard to change!) - I'm about to try her method of joining the squares together!

Look what I have - I'm not feeling at all enthusiastic about installing it - seems all a little too much for my learning curve at the moment! I would love any encouragement I can get from you Girls - I'm a total Newbie and wonder if I have bought a monster!
This doesn't go down really well with Nanny - my little Heidi-Ho has joined AusKick with Byron. She does do ballet, too, so maybe not so much of a tomboy - all of my girls have been Girlie-girls!
She has informed me she was telling Byron that is not the right way to hold a football - 'I wasn't going to kick it, Heidi - I was just carrying it!' - poor Byron - I have told him to tell her to get back to her ballet,lol! Have fun!