Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Upmarket Sunday!

I guess everyone but me has been to Upmarket in Perth! Heidi and I went for a great day out - lots of goodies to buy! Just showing you a little brochure along with today's mail - I thought I would attempt a much talked about Schnibbles - oh, I think this one will be quite a bit of work - looking forward to trying though!

Dear Kate from Two Little Banshees at Upmarket - looking down at all her pretties (nuh, just caught having a little blink - I didn't miss that gorgeous smile though!)
Go check out her blog - I think these little platypus (platypi, is it?)were feature in a Homespun magazine there a little while back! I've just ordered a lovely little quilt pattern from her!
Gorgeous Jemima from Tied with a Ribbon - really cute fancies for sale!

Yummy chocolates from Whistlers - worth checking out - the Rocky Road was just fabulous!

Such a beautiful autumn day, though it is still like summer here! The venue is Winthrop Hall at the university - really charming!

Naughty me - Heidi and I just onlookers passing by - what a really happy finish to our lovely day out!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hello - It's Saturday!

Yes, a few Saturdays have passed and no word from me - it is lovely to be back chatting! A promise to myself - I am going to make time to do the things I enjoy! Number One I am going to carry on even if it is just a block here and there on my Liberty Pinwheel in a Cabin - love it, and have a few blocks cut out so that will get me going!

Miscellaneous - the little I have to talk about quilty-wise! See the second block of my Circle Game almost done - I'm really enjoying it - love English paper piecing, but oh, it is so slow!

Have you ever heard of the product below - perhaps a nice little brush does the same trick, but we'll see how it goes!
Hmmm, hmmm - breaking all rules! For this pinwheel I stacked 4 pieces of fabric to 'meld' - cut and then stitched firstly on the bias - perfect pinwheel with no trimming! Maybe I jagged it, I'll try again soon!
DD, Angela visited yesterday with this gorgeous gift for me - maybe I should have photographed it on a different colour to white - I think it will live on my little red cupboard anyhow!
Happy weekend everyone - I'm hoping to get to Perth's Upmarket tomorrow - a new experience for me and I'm expecting great things!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Silly Billy!

Yes, I think the time has come - sometimes I can't believe how silly I can be! I didn't seem to be achieving very nicely on the Wheel of Fortune so I have made a very feeble start on another block of The Circle Game! Blogs I Follow has been missing for at least 5 days and I haven't been able to Post - poor Blogger has problems - I thought! So I have waited patiently and have played about and tried every possible thing that seemed logical. I haven't really lost sleep over it - let's just say I have laid awake racking my brains - early morning the brain is fresh - easy, peasey! - last time I signed in I used my Bigpond address - Silly Billy! ... I should have used my Gmail address! Oh, well ..

I have had visits from the mailman and also supported our LQS! This is one gorgeous book of small quilts and I would highly recommend it for those who enjoy and also repro lovers!

Here's a couple of pics of featured projects!

With my love of dollies, I could not pass this one by!

This will be my first one to trial - she's cute!

Pauline Rogers and hubby visited our local patchwork group last Thursday with her shop of knick-knacks - I'm happy with my little bit of shopping!
I'm looking forward to a trouble-free week - let's see how it goes! - happy stitching to you all too!