Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Fabrics!

Now you can see what I have done with my two Keiko Goke fabrics, did I tell you I have ordered more, I'm smitten? - kinda cute, huh! The start of an Album Block quilt - could be? And I think the time has come ... I am starting to fall in love ... with my new Janome, whew! thank goodness. While I have been ratting around in my cupboards (again), I have come across the start of a Stars and Sprigs quilt - sadly it will never be, but I really can't leave this sitting in a cupboard - let's see what I can make with perhaps one more applique block!

While I've been in 'My Studio', my David has been dead-heading the roses. Good Boy - he's 37 years old now, one of my twins - just home for R&R! I owe lots to this great guy - keeps my gardens looking lovely!

I've said this before and I'll say it again - when I am finished here, I'm off to cut some Kaffe scraps for a VIP, oh, you know who you are, lol!

Oh, also - must pop over the road to get something nice for dinner - and also, tidy up the mess on my cutting table - I can't see the wood for the trees and really don't function too well under those conditions! Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Giveaway Winners!

Here we are - congratulations to the following two girls - Celia from Quilting By Celia and Kerry from A Little Stitching . Celia has won the Owl Kit and Kerry The Sherbet Pips! Thank you to all who have entered - I have spent a lot of time browsing new blogs and making new friends, just lovely - I wish I could have given you all prizes, lol!
There's been a few things going on and as you can see a little retail therapy, too. Another gorgeous book by Suzuko Koseki and two great fabrics by Keiko Goke which I love! Cathy from Cabbage Quilts led me astray and I just had to try - oh, yes I love! And, oh - the white background fabric, just gorgeous with cute little dragonflys, I would have bought metres if there had been more on the bolt. Top r/h corner - just a little sneak peek!
Happy day everyone - I think I am off to one very untidy studio!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Still Going Around in Circles!

Goodness me - I really enjoy stitching these circles - lovely applique which I love! I didn't realize I had now finished four - the top right just this afternoon. I have broken away from The Circle Game - a bit typical of me with BOM's - I have convinced myself I just don't have the staying power - says she - wait until we see what 2012 brings! With this particular circle, I work on two rounds of fabrics and place the templates on top - it works for me and it is nice to veg out on when chatting at my sewing groups. How many more will I do?

My new funky journal/to-do book - I lost the last one in the big black hole I have in my life! This one is a recipe book and the same size - gorgeous guys, so I'm happy.

Thank you everyone who has popped in for the Giveaway I posted yesterday - lovely to check out new blogs and lots of oldies, too - please keep any Comments to previous blog otherwise they will get lost in 'the big black hole', too! Happy day and as dear Don Lane would have said, 'I love your smiling faces'!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Giveaway - Enjoy!

It has been quite a while - I hope you are happy to try your luck! I am giving away the Owl Nesting Quilt Kit (44 x 44 inches) by our very own textile designer Saffron Craig - only 12" of the spot and the binding fabric are not supplied. It will be very simple and lots of fun to make - instant gratification! - hmmm, do I really want to give it away, lol?

Here's anothery! A Layer Cake of Sherbet Pips, a nice little pack of Meadow Friends by Moda and a super pattern by our own Melanie Hurlston, featuring gorgeous little elephants.

I will close off this Giveaway next Sunday 16 October our time. No frills, you don't have to do anything special at all to enter - just have fun and maybe tell your friends. Perhaps the winner/s should have the choice of Number 1 or Number 2 - what do you think? I'd love you to leave a Comment, but more than likely I won't get to reply to all! I am still trying to be a little bit more regular with my Postings.

Will say ta-ta to you with the smell of roses - Seduction I think it is and is somewhere linked to Iceberg - I did ask the opinion of the very nice young male assistant at Bunnings, Seduction!! - a few blushes and then I bought three, lol! - another has been given to me in the meantime by Girlfriends! - oh, I am so easily charmed!

Happy week ahead!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Getting Friendly!

It just had to happen - quite an investment my new Janome and I have twiddled and fiddled, bought an accufeed quarter inch foot and Bob's your Uncle! I have pieced the baby quilt and feeling quite happy with it - really! - all very simple, but nicely stitched is the main thing. I have used a charm pack as you can see - wonderful little story, and added some odd-bods to add a bit of interest!

On a stormy, showery day, there was gorgeous light and sunshine in 'My Studio' this afternoon!

Illness may be leaving the body and motivation returning - see my sidebar where I have 'pledged' to participate in a BOM - I really think I have enough in my stash to join in the fun and make a new quilt!

Yum and kinda Yum!

DS Number 2 is working offshore sailing in a vessel bringing a platform to a gas rig off Darwin - I love to walk out the front door and enjoy the beautiful roses he has nurtured, love you David!

Hello Miriam of Yellow Roses - love checking out with you!

The weekend is nearly over - hope your footy team won!