Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wonky Log Cabin!

Last week at my LPG we were chatting about wonky log cabins and then I saw a lovely tutorial

by Quilt Dad. My puppies seriously need a new quilt for the lounge beside me and they are getting old so I thought I would make them a new quilt!
I am really thrilled with this Tutorial - while wonky not too wonky. Also, I have been wanting to use little snippets of gorgeous, cute Japanese fabrics, so here is the start. This block measures 12.5" and should be quick to whip up - though being sort of particular with my stitching, I must admit I sometimes have great difficulty with 'wonky'!

My grandson, Byron who received the nasty burns a little while ago is doing really well (brave little man did need surgery on two of the wounds) and hoping to get back to his AFL (football) this weekend - all of 8 years old and following in the footsteps of Bailey who flies to Sydney next week to represent our state. To those wondering about the raffle quilt I made, this trip is fully sponsered by the State League - I'm sure I will find a nice use for the quilt elsewhere seeing it won't be raffled.

Happy stitching, Lovelies! I'm hoping to play with fabrics this weekend.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Time Flies!

Yes it does, and I just plod along trying not to get too fazed about it all! There has been good times and bad times - Byron (grandson age 8) had a little upset with a bowl of noodles and the microwave last Sunday week. Poor little man, he has been so brave with the burns - looks like one may need a skin graft, please God, no! Our big Children's Hospital in Perth is 60k's away so lots of travelling every second day. Fortunately we have a wonderful burns unit, we are just so lucky! DH spent last night in hospital being monitored for the Warfarin level in his body - good news, just now, it is down to a safe level so he will be coming home soon.Soooo - here is the little bit of achievement for the past week or so. I really love to applique and what nicer could one get than to combine Kim, Keiko and Kaffe! The background is so very fine, I popped some Whisperweft (I think it is!) on the back before I started.
Delish! Marguerite daisies and just look at the wonderful clear, bright fabrics. There's a real pot pourri here Kaffe, Japanese, graphic and writing - all to console me for missing the Sydney show - oh, it sounds just wonderful, the quilts must be grand from the pics I have seen. Nice to know you Girls let loose and made the most of your time together.

We have had some nasty weather here, thank goodness we've stayed safe - our letterbox was blown over that's all. Enjoy your stitching!

Friday, June 8, 2012

No Name Applique!

The first block is finished and I have enjoyed myself - this will be an interesting project as I have ideas buzzing around in my head - enough to keep me going at the moment. I will probably need some more fabrics - how sad!This is a little steam iron I bought at the show recently - made in Australia, I think, but I am going to type away like crazy while I can - Blogger is at it again, maybe I should change to the updated interface.
And some new fabrics I bought somewhere? Now I'm not a mauvey person, but I do love blue -I'm looking forward to using these!
I'm looking forward to snuggling up on a cold, wintry, wet night - dinner, tele/stitch then there's

my Kindle to snuggle in to read - enjoy your evening!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Back to Cute and Pretty!

I've just been swearing at Blogger - how rude is he! - just lost a whole post and I swear it had been saved throughout too. Anyhow ... lucky I have just had a lovely weekend away lots of laughs and good fun, back to reality now!I started preparing a new applique project - obviously a Kaffe/Kim combination. I have just received Pandemonium and I love the idea of big blocks surrounded by littlies, so I have made a start with two blocks from The Flower Garden. Let's see how it all evolves, see the cute little Japanese print I will use for background Block One.
Oh, to be able to play all day! I have just received Kathy's new book and I'm delighted, lots of fresh, bright projects that appeal and a few 'whacky' ones too. Lots of inspiration there!
I have taken the pics below for me - I know I showoff every now and then. It was just one such hell of a mess, I'm so pleased to have it all tidy - it cost me a day of playing though. Does everyone get into this situation every now and then?

After re-writing this Post, I'm off to buy goodies for dinner, then with a bit of luck I will prepare an applique block - check back soon, I'm sure it will be all stitched down in no time, lol!

Naughty Blogger! No signature, so hug and kisses until next time - Lurline♥