Thursday, November 17, 2011

WIP - Thank You Sarah!

Perhaps a brave step, but I am enjoying it! This is a small quilt designed by Sarah Fielke and shown in her book Quilting from little things ... This book has quite a few great projects, so all in all a good investment! The eagle has been pressed over freezer paper and is ready for stitching tonight. Then to quilt - will it be by machine or Perle 8 by hand - we'll see how we go for time. I really do like the pieced background - gives me itchy fingers to do more!

I haven't managed to get much sewing done this week - even though I have no car now, I have still managed a couple of days out - just lovely! These gorgeous blooms, Angel Face, have been picked now and adorn my tidy bedroom - oh, what a mess it was! - not only does it smell gorgeous, it is just lovely to be greeted by pretty roses, too. Happy day everyone, I hope to get back into some sewing again tomorrow!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blogger Likes Me Again!

Bad luck seems to be following me, so even being able to have a little chat is welcome and makes my day brighter. I have been unable to post for over a week and then all of a sudden late yesterday everything came good - fingers crossed it is onwards and upwards from here on in!
I had finished another circle Monday evening and was happily driving to Mandurah to do a little shopping on Tuesday when BANG! - my car crashed into another - now I'm a very sad little black duck as I have a fractured sternum. Lots of bad pain and a hospital stay and I am still here and very grateful about that. So let's think about pretty quilts and fabrics - it really does ease the pain a little.

Gorgeous fabric - what for? - oh, I don't know, but I love it! I bought the bundle of fat quarters from my LPS Calico & Ivy and it is from the Rowan group by Melissa White - really exciting prints and colours!

I still have Chrissie presents to make - this little quilt From Little Things ... by Sarah Fielke teases me with its quirkiness - oh, yes let's enjoy a little bit of frivolity. It will be nice to have something prepared to while away time with a bit of applique and big-stitch quilting - I can rotary cut a little, can I machine sew? - we'll find out this afternoon.
I'm so sorry I haven't posted Giveaways, etc - I was going to pick up some packaging when I got to the post office - didn't make it sadly!

Happy stitching!