Saturday, February 25, 2012

Not Good Enough!

Oh, I did think I would put a lot of this quilt together today - sadly I'm still affected by this darned heat! I'll get into 'My Studio' early tomorrow morning - hopefully it will be pleasant then. Time runs away on us and I thought I must pop in to say hello!Not even two miserable blocks done - but they are 14" blocks! This quilt is from Rachel Griffiths 'Impromptu' - so fresh, crisp and lovely. The original is quite large, mine will be just a small lap quilt - nice to play with and have on hand!Part of my 'little' family DD, Danielle, SIL Adrian and the twins - eight in just a few days! -Heidi and Byron. They were having a romp around on my lounge before heading off to the beach last Sunday. Best place to be these days and we have a lovely one just ten minutes walk away.
Now I'm no photographer, but I think I managed to capture the splendour of this gorgeous sunset, late one afternoon through the week - this is looking towards the beach - doesn't that make you enjoy the beauty we have around us?

Happy weekend!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Birthday Aussie Style!

Happy Birthday, dear Carole! Oh, she's looking good - there should be 70 cakes there.

Jan was our cake-maker - so yummo with our wonderful fresh berry fruits. What a super day it was!
We started celebrations outdoors - here's our gorgeous hostess Louise, on the left and gorgeous Barb, on the right. Even in the middle of a very hot summer's day, we had a lovely spot here with a cool breeze starting to come in.
I always take a pic of our gorgeous Gwen - she's a Canadian, and sometimes her family has a peek at my blog - one of the most photogenic people I have ever known and she's gorgeous too!
Fingers crossed! The start of a new quilt, just a lap size - will tell you all about it soon. I think I maybe 6" or so short on the white fabric - what is it, very nice, but I don't know, sob, sob. I've tried one shop, no, not there - I think I've learned a lesson though -when you find a fabric you love, buy a bolt of it! I think I have ruled out Kona and I am doing a test on solids to decide my preference - I'm waiting on some Free Spirit to arrive and would like to check out some Bella, too. Would love to hear from you on this topic.

Oh, by the way - these pics have been taken on my new Sony Ericsson Xperia phone, some good and some not so. This phone is just sooo good - it jumped off the table, smashed apart, and still took the last pic, not bad hey? Still it is nice to know I always have a camera on hand. I am yearning for a tablet/iPad type that is - I'd love to hear from you on this too - is it because I haven't got one that I want one so badly or am I just a spoiled brat?

Happy day everyone!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I'm Still With the Elephants!

Not a lot happening here stitchwise - just this morning I've had a little play while having my coffee!

I'm really going to enjoy quilting this little quilt. It has been professionally basted by a friend at my local patchwork group - oh, too easy! I have a nice little collection of Perle 8 threads, no gold or yellow, so I'm going around this elephant with a light tan - looks okay!
I think my mojo has returned - maybe I will indulge myself this afternoon and talk to my Janome for a little while. There is so much whirling around in my creative matter up there - it is just so good to feel totally well - cross fingers it lasts! Hoping you are all having a great day out there!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Elephant Flimsy!

The top is finished - it has been fun! Basting next and then to hand quilt with Perle thread.I will use various different colours of thread, so let's hope as I get into the swing of it, the stitches will become even - well sort of anyhow, as I'm not one to let it send me crazy if not! I was lying in bed last night reading my Kindle and covered by an old fine hand quilted quilt - I would have been so hard on myself at the time I did it and now I look at it and think wow! - I just love it!

This is really not a good pic, my next project! Sampler by Karen Cunningham - now where am I going to get all those yummy fabrics? By the way, this is just the centrepiece, tiny blocks, let's hope the patience lasts as I really love this quilt. No instant gratification here, let's hope things go smoothly in my life.
Happy weekend all!