Monday, October 29, 2012

Spring Has Sprung!

Shock, horror - yes, it's me! Lovely to be back after my unplanned blog break - absolutely no reason, it just happened!

 Yes, it is so lovely to have some warmer weather - talking about weather, I pray for the safety of dear friends on the east coast of USA, lets hope that nasty storm somehow goes out to sea. Don't you just love these gorgeous Seduction roses that belong to a dear friend here - Carole, your garden is just delightful!
These pics are back to front, never mind - I've started a new project by Sarah Feilke from her book From Little Things ....!   Mary, from Molly Flanders inspired me with her fabric choice, do pop over and have a look, beautiful! I think mine will be slow work as I have lots of other things on my plate.
 I went to Perth Modern Quilt Guild yesterday - thank you Girls for the lovely welcome! Wow, did they ever have some great projects under way. At the moment they are working on a challenge of making mug rugs from solids based on their logo. I whipped up a mug rug from an orphan block not knowing the full story - so now I do have a mug rug of my own at least, lol - it will be lovely to take to stitching groups.
Oopsy, new Blogger really doesn't like me! I have started experimenting with little zipper purses to gift with Christmas coming up - here's my first attempt, sort of okay and my pretty seduction roses, though humble my garden is! Let's see what happens when I sign off, which I must do - Mother to Doctor for a checkup this afternoon. For now, happy stitching!