Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pottering About!

Yes, that's what I am doing, with fabric I mean! And look at this beautiful large floral that came in the mail yesterday - Amy Butler Alchemy Sketchbook in Spring - oh, I hope it shows up nicely on your screen. Just so beautiful, 2 yards and I don't know what for, lol!

 Dam! I haven't been at all well - again!! Suffering with cabin-fever, flu and asthma - hope I can make it to my local patchwork group tomorrow!
 Still working on my x and + and feel inspired. It is so much easier to match seams with my Janome 6600, yes, it is a nice machine, very nice.
See in the background far left, I have started preparing fabrics for my appliqued Steam Punk - I will continue setting up further at patchwork tomorrow (the Eternal Optimist!).  My thoughts are to get lots prepared and stitch while I am in Thailand.

I am waiting on a few little parcels to arrive and then I have promised myself 'no more buying until 2015' - a tall order and I am sure I won't be able to fulfil it. In that studio I have a Scrap Quilters Heaven! Oh, notice the red Kerchief Girls in the far back, I'm using this piece as a background for a Punk block, sooo precious these days and I do have a little more red and blue, for special occasions. Happy Day!

Friday, May 24, 2013

A Little Bit of Japanese!

Back to the x and + blocks - I meant to post this a day or so ago! I really do love these sooo much, but really find them quite fiddly - maybe 7 different fabrics per block. I have decided to aim for one per day, or maybe at least cut fabrics for one.

I have done a re-start after deciding the others looked a little dark for my liking and also some were quite inaccurate - I had lost my incentive to carry on.

Our State Quilt Exhibition is on at the moment, some beautiful quilts in QuiltWest - however, I took some lousy photos, but will do a re-hash and come up with something decent to show.

I bought some lovely fabrics - the Japanese on the left from an Australian market stall BeBe Bold and those on
the right arriving from the US yesterday
I am getting a nice little stash of Japanese fabrics. I have some great fabrics for Steam Punk with this addition.

Blogger is being unkind, I have lost my signature again and text down the right hand side of the pic???
Happy day everyone - hugs - Lurline!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I'm So Sorry!

God bless all affected by Oklahoma's tragedy - what more can one say!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hidden Treasures!

It is amazing what happens given motivation! I have been carrying on with Steam Punk, but saw some great fabric that may suit this quilt - Whirlygig by Sarah Feilke, from her book from little things ..... I had previously arranged the stems, so it was fun to collect some fabrics for the centre flower. And boy, did I find some interesting fabrics and some WIP's too!

 My long lost Dresden Plate for which I have done a tutorial - see my side bar - and a similar one in Thirties fabrics was also in the latest issue of Down Under Quilts - the tutorial is featured also! I have a little worry at times that I have lost my touch - I really think my time factor has changed that's all, so I feel good, lol! I was going to make this into a cushion, just thinking though, could be a nice medallion to a simple Kaffe Quilt.
 And so to my long lost x and + blocks - look, just one more needed to make nine, then maybe a nice little small quilt. I would love the time and motivation to carry on to at least make a lap quilt, who knows?
Let's hope you've all had a lovely weekend - and Perth Girls, remember QuiltWest starts next Wednesday, best wishes to all entrants!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Moving On With Steam Punk!

I had queries on my applique method for the great Steam Punk blocks, so today I have been doing a little preparation so show you.

This is a little ahead, I will make it a very detailed tutorial, perhaps Monday, tomorrow being Mothers' Day here in Australia.
A little more preparation and a sneak peak at a delightful pattern I have ordered.

 I checked out the Internet and ordered these great freezer paper sheets from Calico Cottage Crafts - excellent service, so obliging and the parcel came so quickly. These are just great and go through my HP Photosmart printer so well.
 Mum and I just adore the fragrance of this beautiful hyacinth - I picked it up for her and it is sitting on her side table bringing a beautiful fragrance to the family room. Neither of us had seen a real live living one before.
 Son David is our 'gardener' and does a beautiful job - the kalamata olive tree is bearing profusely, and no, I haven't preserved them this year!
Not everyone's favourite plants, but I love succulents - the original of this breed came from one of our war heroes, a POW, so nice to have memories - he was very dearly loved by my daughter, Angela and her children. I have asked David to pop it beside our front door for all to see!

I see I have lost my signature again, happy weekend to all and best wishes to all Mothers out there - I hope you are fiercely spoiled tomorrow! Hugs - Lurline!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Citrus Sweet Love!

No, no, no! - no credit to me, but I am allowed to show you this gorgeous Block of the Month developed by Treetop Textiles,  Cabbage Quilts, our dear, very talented Cathy being one of the designers. Congratulations Cathy, this so smacks of your incredible talent. For further information, pop over to Cathy's blog, you will love it!

Now to my little achievement - my first block of Steam Punk. As I mentioned earlier, I have appliqued this block, perfect results, so this will be my chosen method. I enjoy the relaxation stitching away with those tiny little stitches and I'm looking forward to picking all the pretty colour combinations!
Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Today I have a short, personal story to tell you. As a lot of you are aware, I am awaiting the birth of my little grandson in Thailand in June. This is my beautiful granddaughter who was born just over 17 years ago - yes, in Thailand too!

I  am so happy to tell you she has grown into a beautiful well-educated, well-adjusted girl and our whole family is so proud and love her so much. It has been a sad, rocky road with sprinkles of joy and happiness and we are so blessed. To my son, Aaron, thank you for bringing Nittaya into our lives and we so much look forward to the new little one, who will be so adored!