Saturday, May 26, 2012

Citron Hero!

I'm not sure? Here we are, flimsy complete - straight line quilting to be done. My first Hero quilt - not true to life in colour, the 'citron' is really bright, it will certainly bring a ray of sunshine into someone's life!I really do hope it makes one of our guys or girls happy, let's see how I feel about it once it is quilted! I'm off to a Retreat this long weekend coming, so exciting, lots of Girlie company.
Wherever I go I receive compliments! I posted about this gorgeous bag just after Christmas - it is from my SSCS made by Maria in Denmark. What an easy way to start up a conversation from friends and strangers alike. I cannot thank you enough Maria, especially when people think I have made it, lol! Should I be using it constantly? This question goes through my mind so often, then I think 'why not!' - it one of the most feel-good gifts I have ever received.
Once again, I'm off to tidy my 'studio' - I have a yearning to do some applique and hope the mailman brings me goodies today - Kathy Doughty's latest book and Pandemonium by Kim McLean - lots of good things to look forward to. Happy day!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

QuiltWest 2012!

What a lovely day out - it all seemed to go too quickly! I just might have to try to get back! Our State Guild put on a great display, congratulations to all prize-winners and thank you all exhibitors for great eye-candy!
So many beautiful quilts, and I must admit I didn't really get to photograph and see them all in detail - however, I love this one by Joycelyn Leath.
Pretty Girl and I don't know the story, but wonderful work - I daresay we will see it around a lot.
Here we have Best of Show by dear friend, Yvonne Skodt - I have given her lots of hugs! I wish I had got in up close to show you more.
One of The Best of Australia by Helen Godden - I'm sure she is well known to a lot of you.
My Aussie Hero Quilt - now, Smarty Pants had to rush into this one, it's okay and sort of boyish, but is 16" square, now I have to work out how I will incorporate it into a quilt 42 - 44" wide - a challenge, lol!Look, look, look - my beautiful orchids in their annual bloom. I originally won the Mother in a raffle and she has since been divided, like all Mums who spread themselves so wide!
Happy weekend!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day ...

Oopsy! Hope all you Mothers out there had a lovely day ... I started this Post and then had lots of interruptions before bedtime. This is what happens when one has four children, of course all adults now and still vying for my time, lol!A little bit of Perle stitching - so relaxing and I seem to hoot ahead. Evening time work for me!

See how I've turned the edges of the backing and stitched it down with a long stitch by machine - just a bit tidier. Beautiful backing fabric, how naughty of me to use it as a backing, but it was on hand and I had nothing else suitable at the time!
See on by Sidebar - Aussie Hero Quilts! Now that things have quietened down a bit, I have decided to become involved and here's some fabric for the first. I have support from a few Girlfriends! who have shown interest but have had no reply to my email so far. Never mind, I'm sure it will come. I like to be able to help out and I'm sure it is some little way we can. I am inspired by the work done by Cherry Red Quilter and Once Upon a Quilt ...

Here's to another busy week - hope it is a good one for you all!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Zig-Zag Finish!

All done and I'm quite happy! I have enjoyed making this quilt. Hmm, I wonder how the raffle will go?It seemed a lot of quilting while I was doing it, but now it is finished not such a great task.

It has been a busy week - lots of get-togethers with friends! I've been doing a bit of arm-twisting this week and now I'm going to get in touch with Christine of Once Upon a Quilt ... to find out details of quilts and laundry bags needed for our soldiers in Afghanistan - crazy me with three patients (all doing well!), I am still saddened to think of our brave men so far from home, maybe we can create a little bit of comfort!
Happy weekend!