Friday, July 30, 2010

Stars & Sprigs!

I am improving so much as the days go by and I'm feeling so great it is the perfect day to start Stars & Sprigs by Kim McLean. I can't thank you enough Kim - please join us on the journey. I'm sure you will hear a lot more as it progresses. Apparently the quilt originated in 1810, now here we are 200 years later sharing the beauty!

I believe the pattern will be on release to the public in a few weeks - oh, what a delight for you who love applique and reproduction! Janet of Quiltsalott is on a very speedy journey and oh, how beautiful it is! For those who don't follow Janet's blog - it is a true delight! Pop over and have a little visit!

I have chosen an antique white Paddo for the background and French General Rural Jardon for the background behind the stars - we will use lots of pretty, bright reproductions for the applique - with maybe a few rogue fabrics thrown in.

Please God, let me keep well - let's not worry about the necessities, but I would really love some joy and relaxation stitching - I have come up with a perfect ( I hope !) pattern for the Clamshells (lol)! I went for a lovely long drive north of Perth yesterday and my arms survived beautifully, touch wood they stay that way - I have missed my independence so much!

Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Moody Blues!

Happy day! Though I am not sure - perhaps lacking a charm that Kate's quilt has - hopefully it has a mood of its own. I am so pleased to have it finished, such a simple quilt, but quite a marathon effort for me. I think it will be quite a while before I sew a full sized quilt again - maybe never. I am just so thankful I can still do handwork - I am going to have another try at clamshells again and also a little play with applique. I'm so looking forward to having it quilted.
Hope your day is happy, too!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm a Survivor!

I know it hasn't been a good year - so far I have survived - maybe just! Sewing machine trouble - I wonder why? Machine problems - I tinkered, re-threaded top and bottom, dismantled and cleaned, new needle. I really wanted to finish the Windows and Frames Quilt so a few little tears in my current state of mind. When I put my foot down, sometimes it just looked at me and did nothing, other times it took off like a rocket winding thread galore and clanking away!

I borrowed Julia's machine - couldn't get the 1/4" accurate with my previous blocks. I gave up thinking to myself do a Scarlett and think about it tomorrow. Picked my machine this morning (still a bit of a challenge with my weak little wings!) and started to put the cords in again - now this really wasn't funny! - bare broken wires - the copper ones, see them. Don't strange things happen in life - I must have been very wicked in my past one, lol!

I won't speculate on what could have caused the damage, not nice to think of what the outcome could have been - I do have a little idea! I am so desperate to get this quilt finish to send it to Karen to be quilted! Pop over to her site to see her unique, amazing wholecloth!

Just a little bit of joy in this Post - pretty delicate white flowers on one of our succulents, David's (son), so that's nice! I haven't been Posting or Commenting a great deal - hopefully it will all come together again - however, I have done a lot of Browsing, and that is always such a thrill

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Moving On!

These things happen don't they - it has been a bad year for the computer, too. He decided to go to sleep for nearly a week! Time has slipped away from me - here are the beautiful fabrics I am using to make Windows and Frames, the original by Kate Dixon of One Flew Over!

This pattern featured in the last Fat Quarterly. I think it is a stunner thanks, Kate. It is so fresh and simple.
I must get back to stitching this afternoon as one gorgeous girl from Melbourne, Karen of Quilts on Bastings has returned from a wonderful holiday overseas and now has time to machine quilt a quilt for me. Lots of 'copy-catting', I know, and both girls are happy about this. Oh, I am so excited - lets hope all goes according to plan!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We Are All Happy!

The puppies are always happy to see our mail-lady - not as happy as I am though! Thank you so much Kathie of Inspired by Antique Quilts. Kathie is one of my oldest and best friends in Blogland and I am so honoured to be the lucky Owner of one of her quilts - the additional red fabrics is for a border - now , in the recent past I have joined in the controversy of hand versus machine quilting this one will certainly be fine hand-quilted - oh, I am so happy - big hugs, Kathie
The pretty little print in the background is from Patchwork on Stonleigh, just a bit too gorgeous to pass by!

Let's get back to Kathie again! She has sent some quick pain relief in her parcel also, lol! Lots of new 10" Kaffe squares here - what a thrill. Really though, today does feel so much better - I'm off to the shop to buy something nice to cook for dinner - it will be good to give the Master Chef a break! Hope your day is happy, too!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Beautiful Sunshine!

We have maybe a half hour until the chill sets in - lots of heaters on and quilts dragged out in this part of the world - makes me feel like vintage style quilts to cuddle up under - let's see what the rest of winter brings - it would be nice to think I could get a nice applique underway!

A few more rows, maybe - I'm aiming for a cushion top at the moment - a lot of fun and happiness there with the clear bright colours - the Clover Yo-Yo Maker makes it all very mindless ( relaxing, is a better word, lol!)

See my copy of Brigitte Giblin's Clamshells in the background - I also ordered Lizard of Oz's papers there a while back. I hope to have a little trial over the weekend to see if I qualify to join Sue-Ann's Clamshell Club I have always wanted to make a cot quilt! Google both our Designer's sites if you would like to find some patterns.

I hope we have more lovely sunshine in the morning - maybe I will get to have a little play on my machine. It has been a very 'up and down' week for me - makes me really appreciate the good times! Its been nice checking out some blogs, welcoming a few new Followers (a big Thank You!) and please pop over and visit our new Blogger Helen at Cats Meow - Helen is a gorgeous girl and an accomplished quilter - I'm sure we can drag her into a few projects over time !

Have a fun weekend!

PS - Gee it is lovely to say hello again!